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WEEKLY RUNNING AND X-TRAINING w/e 10/21 (Read 214 times)

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    Enjoy your week ~  I ain't doin' squat until Monday, except rest and rejuvenate.




    Jim L - 6.75 miles running,  6.25 miles running/walking, 37 miles biking


    Lyndenrunner - 27.3 miles running


    Evanflein - 6.2 miles running, 5.3 mile ellipticalling, 3.4 miles walking, 2 x weighting (and 3 rest days, eek!)


    Mariposai - 45 miles running, 5 miles walking, 90 min weighting


    pfriese - 40 miles running, 2950m swimming, 4 miles walking


    fatozzig - 38.40 miles running (including a 50k trail race)

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      Thanks Leslie...










      Total=25 miles

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip


        Hi Leslie! Congratulations on the 50K!


        Monday:        Running:        3 miles on Alter G          9:49 pace

        Tuesday:       Biking          13 miles

        Wednesday: Running:        3 miles on Alter G         10:09 pace

        Thursday:      Biking:         13 miles

                               Running:        2.25 miles at reservoir 11:22 pace

        Friday:           Hiking            3 miles

        Saturday:      Rest

        Sunday:        Sigh......I had plans to run and bike today, instead I'm sitting here eating Mango Habanero boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings, drinking

                              beer and watching football.............;o)


        TOTALS :Running  8.25 miles
                         Hiking:    3      miles

                         Biking:  26      miles 



          Thanks Leslie. You rock!!! I still celebrate your races this year!!! AMAZING girl you are!!!!


          My goal this week: base building and start building a day of tempo into the plan. Would really like to run another 45 miles this week, but family activities and work travel may hinder that goal. We shall see Smile


          DAY PLANNED Actual run Walk/ CORE/STRENGTH Commets
          Mon 4 2 3 miles walk legs felt great post race on Sat.
          Tues 8 7  1 mile walk great running with DH, fun with zombiesleks.
          Wed 4 4  30' core  
          Thurs 8  11    Great run on the Wenatchee marathon course
          Fri Rest      
          Sat 16  6    Great hilly run
          Sun 3  16    Run felt good, paces were slow, but that is OK.



          4 miles walk

          30' core

          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            Hey Mariposai, I think the quote in your signature line should be attributed to Erma Bombeck, but I could be mistaken.


            Not much running for me lately. Amazing how fast you get out of the habit. I started "backing off" because of my sore shin. I don't know how it's doing because I haven't run since Sunday and it only hurts when I run. So... we'll see. Been trying to do the XT thing but it never feels like enough.


            Monday: 3 miles elliptical (24:40), 12 mins weights, .3 mile walk

            Tuesday: Rest day, walked a bit

            Wednesday: 4.1 miles elliptical (35 mins), 15 minutes weights

            Thursday: 2.5 miles elliptical (20:38), about 8 mins abs/core (yes, you can get a good workout in that short time!), .4 mile walk

            Friday: 4.6 miles run (yay!), .3 mile walk

            Saturday: 6.1 miles run, .5 mile walk (shoveled snow off the driveway for 45 mins after my run)

            Sunday: 6.5 miles run, .5 mile walked


            Totals: 17.3 miles run, 9.6 miles elliptical, 2.5 miles walked and 35 minutes weights

              Thanks Leslie.


              M - 1200m swim

              T - 8.8 mile run

              W - 1200m swim, 8 mile run

              Th - rest day

              F - 1200m swim, 7.9 mile run

              Sa - rest day

              Su - 14.8 mile run


              Total - 39.5 miles running, 3.6km swimming