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    Mornin' everyone.


    Holly - YOUR family values are what you are teaching your children.  By loving your extended family, inviting them to functions, etc  If your dad chooses not to participate, he is the one losing out.  YOU are showing your children what it means to be a family, be a good person.  I'm sorry for what your dad is doing, but this is a lesson to your children in how NOT to behave.  It's very obvious by your posts, Holly, that you are teaching your children to be good human beings, and they will see that your dad's actions wrong.  {{{HUGS}}}



    Holly, Leslie couldn't be more right on this issue.


    Enke, I'm so sorry about your mom's passing.


    Sounds like Henry & Marj are having a great trip, and I'm not surprised.


    Great photos, as usual, Troy - thanks!


    5.3 miles at 4:20 this am. 41F, no breeze, no moon (it had long-since set), clear skies with lots of stars showing, even with some ground fog. I'm still working on getting over my cold, so this was as good a tune-up as I could muster. I saw a few deer heading to the woods for the day. A woman walking her dog had stopped by the side of the road at one point - I didn't see her at first, but I heard some rustling in the leaves by the roadside, and had to stop and look to figure out what was going on. There was no ambient light in that area, and that woman was, unintentionally, doing a good job of hiding in plain sight.


    Best of luck to this weekend's racers, runners, walkers, storm chasers, and leaf rakers.



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      3 easy miles...


      Hope everyone has a great day...


      Holly, My running partner's wife is like that...we like to call it immature.

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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        Good morning fellas!





        5 miles


        Good but humid run this morning. Ever since finding out that I was running 2 miles by myself while everyone else goes swimming and also learning about my fall... Bruce has decided that I am not to run by myself in the dark. He has taken it upon himself to be my body guard. This is all right, I guess. Heck, we've been friends for about 20 years now. I attended the births of his children and am the godmother to one of them. BUTT. Seriously? This is not going to help my confidence. However. It has helped my pace improve.

        As for how this benefits Bruce? He says he would not be running this far if not for me. (He gets a bit "winded" after mile 3.5 or so) He has not been swimming because he has to take his kids to school and then get to work.

        Oh well. As long as we don't talk politics, we have good conversations and a good run.

        Holly. I hope that your family rallies around the good parts of the holidays.

        Enke. (And anyone on My Fitness Pal) feel free to "friend" me! My MFP name is "Babalee".  Be easy on yourself, Enke. You've been through a lot. I was sad to read about the loss of your mother. 

          This is not going to help my confidence. However. It has helped my pace improve.



          There's always a plus!  And your confidence will come back.  It may take a little while, but it'll will, and soon you won't even remember what you were nervous about in the first place.


          4 miles this a.m. in the predawn dark.  I've been running EZ all week, so I kicked it up a notch every now and then and was happy to find my legs didn't protest too much.


          Three legal secretary friends are coming to town today for their yearly trek to Eureka.  There'll be six of us on the loose for the weekend.  Watch out Humboldt County! Wink

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            Woo Hoo! How do I get to Humboldt County? I've always liked loose wome...never mind.

              Sipping wine while looking at the mediterranean sounds perfect!


              3.1 miles easy

              Holly, that stinks.

              Looking forward to the weekend....

              "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."



                Best of luck to this weekend's racers, runners, walkers, storm chasers, and leaf rakers.



                 Big grin


                Wow, is it Friday already? I have been so swamp with work and travels that I was not able to be here much. I will need to take the time to catch up this weekend.


                Holly, what other's said about your parenting and your father's attitude. He must be one hurting person to be hurting others that much.

                Watch out Humboldt County! the three gorgeous legal secretaries are coming your way.

                It seems like Marj and Henrun are having a blast!

                Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, you are one lucky gal to have a running partner who is willing to run with you early in the morning. Enjoy the gift and confidence will come back to you.


                Speaking of confidence, I had my first speed workout last night in this training cycle. 3x1200m @ 5k pace. It felt hard, as I anticipated, but got it done. Yes, this was a confidence builder. 6.5 miles for the day and 1 hour of gym. Will go back to the gym today since it is raining real hard around here.


                i worked so many hours this week that i am done with my 40 hour week, so it is day off for me. Looking forward to curling up with a book and enjoying a nice peaceful day.

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                  Woo Hoo! How do I get to Humboldt County? I've always liked loose wome...never mind.


                  ....easy there Cowboy.....summa dem chicks can open up a Can of WhupA$$ on ya.....






                  may add Knitting if I can stand the Excitement.

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    hmm, Humboldt County. . .that's a quick trip . . .


                    got in a couple runs this week and last night was a short little trail run with my son and dogs. just 2.6 miles. The last 1/4 mile is a run up our driveway. David gave me a headstart. Once I could hear him behind me, I started an all-out sprint - just cuz i like to mess with him like that. Joking . He was worried that I'd actually beat him , but of course, his all out sprint is faster than mine, so he still beat me. But he did say "wow mom I've never seen you run so fast". . . I told him I was doing that for his benefit so that at his 5K tomorrow, he'll remember what it feels like to sprint to the finish and pass others.


                    I'll be running the HM. Not really well trained enough to 'race' this but will give my best effort at my current fitness level and use that as my measuring stick to come up with a training program for my spring marathon.


                    good luck to other racing this weekend also. Enjoy the running and last wknd of October!


                    Hawt and sexy

                      Hi, I turned 40 today. I have lurked in this group for years, watching you all wear MUGs, FUGs, (or not) and feel Greta.


                      I have zero PRs as of today, right?


                      I am just getting back into things after a rather nasty infection at the beginning of this year. Today is a meager two miles for me.

                      I'm touching your pants.

                        Come on down, Tammy!  The more the merrier.  And yes, legal secretaries know how to open cans of Whoop A$$.  Or at least we steer our attorneys in that direction. Smile


                        Behind every attorney stands a legal secretary shaking his/her head, wondering how the attorney manages to even get dressed in the morning without the secretary's help.  Big grin



                        And welcome, Amanda!!

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                          Rosie, that's nice of your friend to be your self-appointed body guard.  He runs farther, you run faster... sounds like a win-win.


                          Funny story about parenting skills:  last weekend, DH and I were visiting our DD at school.  She was telling us stories about roommate issues, and friends' roommate issues. Basically it sounded like some of these kids are pretty insecure.   I asked her how she ended up being so well-adjusted, and she said "because I have such awesome parents!"     Emoticons    Good answer!  She's got a good sense of humor.


                          It was only 9° when I got up this morning.  But the sun is shining, and it's warmed up to 29°.  I really wanted to go out for a RAL, but I had a conference call at noon (with the clients from hell) and have another call at 3pm (with nice clients)  so I'll have to wait and go for a RAW.  


                          Happy birthday and welcome, Amanda!

                          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                            Holly, I find it interesting that your dad is apparently trying to prove something, or whatever, and it took 10 months for you to really notice. I agree with others that he must be pretty miserable inside to be that way. Rise above it, GF. Bond with your brothers (the non-platinum variety).


                            Happy birthday, Willamona! Now you're an old fart like the rest of us! (I've been wanting to say that for years!)


                            Nice job, Tammy, make him work for it! Really, that was a good lesson.


                            Have fun, Leslie! You deserve the break!


                            Troy, the next question is what camera do you use? Your photos are simply awesome.


                            We've been stuck in a weather pattern lately that isn't all that bad, really. All week it's been clear, sunny and beautiful most days with lows dipping into the minus territory, but days getting into the mid- to upper-teens and no wind. I could take this for a bit longer... It's overcast today, but no snow forecast till Monday. I've been trying to take it easy on my leg so lots of XT at the gym when I can, and some running after work a few days a week. The cold just makes it a little more complicated with all the extra clothes to stuff into my bag... gloves, headband, neckgaitor, tights and pants, long sleeved shirt, jacket, smartwool socks... my goodness it gets full. But it was cold long enuf before we got snow that it didn't melt when it fell so there's really no ice except at intersections where the hardpack is polished smooth. Nice to run on cleared bikepaths in late October!

                              Welcome Amanda!  


                              Go Tammy Go....


                              Where's the ACTION?   Humboldt County (whereever that is?)      


                              Beautiful string of nice days here in NE Ohio is now ending 82F yesterday.. 

                              Ran 7.5 miles then 22 mile bike ride.  It was 70F when I started biking at 2 pm and 64 F when ending at 3:45 now 54 at 5:30.

                              Yesterday I biked the same route and saw at least 50 caterpillers crossing the road and about 1,000 grasshoppers, today none of either.

                              Maybe they heard the weather is changing.? 

                              Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.


                                Where's the ACTION?   Humboldt County (whereever that is?)      



                                Eureka sits in the very top northwest corner of Humboldt County.  The only thing between us and the Oregon state line (1.5 hrs away) is dinky Del Norte County.  We're six hours north of San Francisco.  Wanna come play Behind the Redwood Curtain? Smile


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                                2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21