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A new book sort of about running ***Kindle released*** (Read 73 times)

Uh oh... now what?

    Hi all, each, everyone... my oft' rumored midnight project is done, released yesterday.


    The Kindle version:



    John M.


      Looking forward to the book



      MTA: link fixed

      Refurbished Hip




        Will it be available in hardcover, John?

        Uh oh... now what?

          Birdwell:  link fixed, thank you for commenting.


          Mandy... thank you for all your help, has been a long hard summer.  I suppose

          a hard cover would be in fantasy land (means huge success) at the moment.


            Congratulations John !!!!


            (I plan to put my order in later tonight.)

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              Will you be at Rocky Raccoon in 2014? I may need you to sign a copy at Damnation when we come through...




                Can't wait to read it! Let us know when the Kindle version is out....I am a sucker for instant gratification.


                Also, I would love to do a review on my blog if you don't mind, since I'm sure I will enjoy it immensely.

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                  Congratulations on getting it out!  I'll be patiently waiting for the Kindle version.


                  Since you're phrase is copyrighted now I guess I'll say... "Move carefully on your feet while not inside".


                    Congratulations. I really didn't have any desire to read any books about running, but that just changed. I'll pick this up and hopefully get a chance to read it sometime.

                    Uh oh... now what?

                      Thank you, each and all.


                      LB2: We are going to try to get there--part of the fantasy of travel for next year.  We are hoping for an extended trip south and east from Natchitoches.  Damnation would be a good starting point.


                      TrailsnCocktails: As of this afternoon, Kindle version is 3-5 business days away. Please do a read and review and tell me. My blog goes active sometime this evening...'long about midnight.


                      AT-runner: Patience for the Kindle will be appreciated. I was just sort of playing with the © thing, although an intellectual rights attorney has told me I should get a ® for the phrase. The fantasy of publishing includes selling enough to worry about ®, ™. and © infringements; needing a CPA to handle the finances, movie rights and who should play the lead role, and, of course, the voice-overs for the "off Broadway" musical...


                      Daydreamer1: It makes an excellent "reading room" book, some sessions not even a page long.


                        Awesome! I look forward to reading it. Smile

                          Hey john very cool..not a big book buyer (library) but I will definitely be buying this book.

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                          Dirty Girl

                            i will very much be looking forward to the Kindle version as well Smile


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                            Le professeur de trail

                              Great! Can't wait to read it. Can you let us know when the kindle version is released?


                              Did you take the cover photo?

                              The incarnation of peacefulness and patience



                              Uh oh... now what?

                                Great! Can't wait to read it. Can you let us know when the kindle version is released?


                                Did you take the cover photo?

                                They are probably tired of me asking "Where is Kindle file?"


                                Mi esposa (Kathy) took the picture.  That trail is one of our favorite places to take visitors.