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    Good morning Trailers!


    I went out for a quick 6 mile road run through the neighborhood. I'm heading back to the airport, so I'm limited on time this morning. I'll be in WI all week, which I'm not excited about.


    I hope you all have a great day.


    QOTD: Do you get the newspaper delivered to your home?


    I certainly used to, but I get my news from other sources these days. I find it a bit surprising that newspapers are able to survive in this electronic world.



      After a very indulgent weekend in Cape May, NJ,  I'm going to get back on track today. It's pouring here in Philly but I'm going to get in 4-6 miles later, mileage depending on if I have a frisbee game tonight or not.


      QOTD: No. I read the news online.

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        Morning all,


        Easy miles or a rest day...we'll see how I'm feeling after work.  I'm running a (road) 5k this coming Saturday so I want to rest up this week and try to set a personal best.


        QOTD: I have not read a newspaper ever (other than funnies and classifieds)...ok maybe a few articles...lets just say I am more likely to use a newspaper for a paper mache project than to read it...and I buy pinata's pre-made.  My news source is AM radio, which I listen to while commuting.  Why do they make the pages so big?

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          Morning folks,


          Got in a quick 4 miles in the heat of the morning. That's right I said heat of the morning because it was fucking hot out at 6am. Hoping for rain soon because the local trails are officially closed until further notice.


          QOTD: I haven't in awhile I usually read the news on my phone while on the bus or as I am waking up in the morning.


          Have a good day all.

            Good morning,


            Got 22 on the rail trail from Camp Baker MD to Hancock MD and back yesterday. I am not used to flat runs and got to work some different muscles. Finished up at a 9:40 pace and felt good enough for 3 this morning before I got dumped on and broke it short due to lightening.



            QOTD: Yes, and sometimes I read it. I live in a smaller town and enjoy the hometown articles. I could read everything on-line, but somehow it "feels" different reading a newspaper. Hard to explain.


              Rest day today. But I am happy to report that my running is getting back to a semi-normal regimen. Mondays are generally rest days for me.


              QOTD: No. I don't know how they make it, either.


              Le professeur de trail

                An easy 4.5 miles this morning.  Trying out the Cascadia 8's.  Shoes these days just don't seem to agree with my feet.  Or maybe my feet are agreeing with running?!?


                simple running - that's a great 22 miler and pace.

                lace - enjoy WI


                QOTD: We get the Sunday paper only - mainly for some of the coupon stuff for the grocery store.  I do like reading some of the articles on local stuff.  But I also use the newspaper to help dry off wet shoes.  It works great!!


                Have a great day!

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                  morning all!  probably a short run during swim practice tonight.  Legs are a bit tired from yoga (yes, it happens) and my hill workout yesterday.


                  qotd:  Yes, everyday.  How else could I drink coffee in the morning?  I read news online, but I find that my online reading tends to be more targeted to certain news items or big headlines.  I get a broader perspective of the world by paging thru a paper.  And my kids got encouragement  to read with a whole new set of comics arriving daily.

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                    QOTD: Yes, and sometimes I read it. I live in a smaller town and enjoy the hometown articles. I could read everything on-line, but somehow it "feels" different reading a newspaper. Hard to explain.


                    I feel that way about books. I can't convert to downloading books to my iPad because I like having an actual book in my hand and I find a certain amount of satisfaction placing on the shelf when I finish it. I have one shelf full of unread books and several bookcases loaded with the things I've read.


                      Rest day today, but maybe a dog walk later. No running for sure. I ran 70.5 miles Saturday at the Laurel Highlands ultra. On the drive home yesterday I stopped at 9:30am for the Belt Buster breakfast, and 2 hours later at the Steak n' Shake for a double cheeseburger, fries, and a shake. I was a tad hungry. I'll stitch some words together sometime soon on my little run this past weekend.


                      QOTD: I get hard copy of the local rag. I really prefer paper to reading online. The internet snoopers have no idea who's side I'm on when it comes to news and politics.

                      In dog beers, I've only had one.

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                        I ran 70.5 miles Saturday at the Laurel Highlands ultra.  

                        Congratulations on the race. I really love that trail and the entire event. I'm proud of Derek for his 2nd place finish too. It sounds like it was a good one this year.

                          I got the okey dokey from the PT to run and see how I feel, so gonna try a rainy 4 after work.


                          Xtreme taper, congrats on the laurel highlands, hope you had a good race!


                          QOTD I used to get the newspaper every morning, but now it's only published 2 or 3 days a week, so I just go online now. There is something nice about holding the actual newspaper or a book to read that I like better than online stuff, but such is life.


                            Back at it whatever it is. Great to take little vacations but home is good. Real good.

                            Early trip to the dentist but now I'm thinking it's time to run so I'll head out shortly and maybe do something uptempo. Nice day here.


                            So I did a run on Saturday on a large Nature Conservancy tract that is only about 5 minutes from my cabin and ran into another Wolf. This thing was about 40 yards out and just trotted off to the side quartering me. It then stopped and watched me so I started walking towards it so again it just trots a little off maybe 20 yards and stops and stares at me again. I think it was trying to figure out what seasoning to add when it eats  me. Every wolf I have encountered while running, hiking, and hunting has shown no fear whatsoever. I 'm not overly concerned with any wildlife but I have to say that those things make me a little uncomfortable.


                            QOTD--We get the local morning print. I only read the sports page, what else matters?


                              Rainy Monday and SRD here.  Was at a cabin near State College (Reed's Gap SP area) for the weekend with some friends.  Had a nice group run Saturday for about 12 miles.  Sunday only 2 of us ran and we did an 8 mile hilly mountain run.


                              XT - Great job.  I can't wait to see the RR.


                              QOTD:  We get the local print to keep up with all the gossip.  The real news comes from online sources  I do enjoy holding a paper more than scrolling along. Our local paper just merged with a larger company to try to stay alive.  They cut the work force by 60% after the merger.  


                              Endless trails

                                Afternoon, sports fans.


                                XT: you are one cool cucumber, just casually mentioning a 70.5 mile run. No big deal, eh, just

                                a typical weekend run.


                                SRD for me today. I need a race in my future to help me feel motivated toward a goal, the

                                past month has been a kind of willy-nilly training program, I think I operate better with a

                                goal in front of me. Unfortunately, the 'running budget' is non-existent right now so any

                                race reg, travel, etc is out of the question. I'm even getting as much use as possible from

                                my 3 pairs of running shoes b/c I can't afford an upgrade. I know; we all have a sob story!


                                QOTD: I'm 45 and have never really read or watched the news, somehow I still consider

                                myself an informed citizen.