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Race Report - Cedars of Lebanon Sprint Tri (Read 11 times)

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    First triathlon of the season, and last year it was my first adult triathlon. I looked up my time from last year and figured I could make up time just on the transitions. Last year's time was around 1:04, so this year I really wanted to go under an hour. About 30 minutes before the start, it began to rain - not pouring, just a steady rain. I don't normally bike in the rain, so I was a little nervous about handling around some of the sharper turns.


    Swim - 200 yds (3:36)

    It's a pool swim in a 50 yd pool, individual start, so we snaked through the pool. I always forget how choppy it gets with everyone in there. Passed a few people and swam 10 sec faster than last year, a considerable amount for that short of a swim. I was first in my age group for the swim.


    T1 - Ran up to transition, struggled a little with my bike shoes, and got on my way. Next goal is to figure out flying mount and dismount.


    Bike - 10 miles (31:09)

    I got on the bike and was cranking. I felt so strong. The very first turn was a little scary, but we were warned to not try to win the race on that turn, so I just slowed down. Got passed by some guys on expensive bikes but did a lot of passing myself. On the second loop, some slower, less experienced bikes were coming out for their first loop. One guy was swerving all over the road! Being a short race, there were a lot of younger athletes, and I tried to encourage them when I passed them. Surprisingly, the rain didn't bother me too much. I'm glad it wasn't a deluge.


    T2 - By this point, my running shoes were pretty wet, and I couldn't see out of my sunglasses between the rain and my body heat causing them to fog up. It was a challenge to get the shoes on!


    Run - 2 miles (17:42)

    My legs felt crazy heavy on the run, and I tried to focus on just getting them to turn over and on keeping good form. The run ends with a fairly substantial uphill before turning towards the finish line, and it HURT. My quads were screaming when I crossed that finish line.


    Official time: 56:13

    When I went back to my transition area to get my rain jacket and phone, some fast guys were standing around, and one of them said to me, "Hey, you looked really strong out there!" And I actually FELT strong out there! I haven't found triathletes to generally be very supportive and friendly, so I appreciated his comment, and for the first time, felt like I might actually "belong" in triathlon. Ended up with 5th in my age group and nearly 8 minutes faster than last year. My bike leg was 5 minutes faster. I'm happy that I've made so much progress, particularly on the bike.


    Anybody else racing lately?

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      Awesome progress and you had plenty of time to spare under that 60 min mark.  Good signs for you and the rest of the racing season if this was your first race this year.


      I'm approaching my races.  Signed up for a sprint on June 7 and then half the half-iron distance two weeks later.  Training is going well and I'm looking forward to the race on June 20.

        Great job KMay!  Sounds like a fun race and you really did pick up time.  Thanks for sharing the race report.


        I'm training for a 1/2 iron this summer in Michigan.  August 8, I think.  Haven't raced in over a year.  This race will be a fun race with some family and friends.

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          I haven't found triathletes to generally be very supportive and friendly


          You must not be hanging with the right crowd.  I have been in the sport for six seasons, and I have found that the vast majority of triathetes are both friendly and supportive.

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