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L Train

    One of our agreements should have been that you aren't allowed to do track workouts better than me in your first two months of training.




    We're gonna have to make some plan amendments.


    L Train

      Uh oh. 


      Sebec Lake 5K:


      16. Steve Curcio 23:15


      There better have been a killer hangover or a moose crossing involved. 


        That was last year's result after the marathon debacle at Sugarloaf when I was toast.  This year was much better at 21:46 and the course was brutal with the hills for the first half of the race.  I scoured the internet and found this today:



        Connor ran with my sister and finished at 31:32 but was dying at the end. The hung over run happened later in the week.  A thermal, cocktail flu, slogfest.  Not sure who the Curcius are but close enough. 

        L Train

          OK that's much better - don't know how I missed that was 2011. 


          I'm going camping so sporadic access til Sunday.  Make the 5 tempo mile sub 8 rather than sub 8:20.  Everything else this week easy, especially with some knee pain back.  If knee pain is worse, bag the tempo, I think you are still pushing those easy runs even though you think you aren't.  You need to recover between workouts and the workouts will get harder/longer.  Garmin is evil for making me push easy runs. 


          On the 18, first ten easy, for you at this point maybe starting at 9:30 working doen to nothing under 9.   Next 5 work your way to 8:45.  Next 3 whatever you've got.  If any of that is too hard, back off, but don't do it faster than this. 


            Sounds good. Enjoy the wilderness.
            L Train

              That was a nice 18 miler. 


              Next 2 weeks' adjustments made.  These workouts will be the toughest you've done and at the end is an easy 20, so please make your easy runs easy.  The paces have been moved down considerably from what was originally planned on the workouts to accomodate your champing at the bit, so balance that by giving me no sub 9 miles on non workout days. 


              The 20 miler (this one) does not need to be a progression.  This is time on your feet, so give me one easy 20 to get your knee acclimated, and in the subsequent ones we'll try to add some work to them if you are ready. 


              It's gonna be tough to continue to work on weight loss while working like this, but it will make a huge difference and will also help your knee.  Any change in the knee pain back off the speed and let me know. 


                I was happy with the 18 and it was definitely the hardest workout to date for me.  I think the track is a more familiar place then these longer more sustained workouts but I'm looking forward to it.  Today was the first day in a while I felt sore (like after playing pickup hoops) but the knee felt pretty good athough a little achey yesterday.  I continue to watch it and adjust accordingly if it's not right.  I've come to far to screw this up now. 


                I think just cutting back on the beers will help the weight, and I did that last week for the first time in a long time.  The people at the Betty Ford Clinic have been very supportive. 

                L Train

                  Good stuff going, today was fantastic, by far teh hardest workout yet. 


                  The progression should be a challenge on Sunday but not as hard as today.  Next week's tempo you'll be able to handle better - it's faster but shorter distance.  And next week's interval will feel easy if you don't try to overachieve (don't).   I'd guess that the 20 next weekend will not feel as hard as today, as we don't want work in it yet.  In fact, the next hard run isn't until 8/2, so enjoy your reprieve.  Deemphasize the importance of the 20 miler and don't let it intimidate you at all - stuff like today is much tougher.


                  Podcast pace tomorrow and on all easy/recovery runs. 


                    No dogs in attack mode helped today too.  Note:  dogs are rarely seen in cemetaries.  Plus the Miller Lite carbo loading last night was key but the people at the BFC are pissed.

                    L Train

                      I think in the BFC pamphlets you get upon arrival specifically state that Miller Lite isn't even really beer so you're all set.   


                        Miller Lite isn't even really beer so you're all set.   


                        This might be just the loophole I've been looking for today.

                        Sit on a potato pan, Otis.

                          That may be true but it's easier to remember than 27 Second CatLegPiss Lager.

                          L Train

                            You'll hit 200 miles this month with less than a mile to spare if I did the math right.


                              Congrats to Ethan on earning his blackbelt. What a great accomplishment for anybody never mind a 5th grade kid. His graduating class looked the cast from Park and Rec. Well done.
                              L Train

                                It was pretty cool.  They didn't let us in for the first 1 1/2 hours of testing, then we were there for another 3 or so.  He was pretty beat by the end but it was worth it for him, a good lesson.  We went to Publick House after and some guy (I think he may have been the owner or manager or something) saw him in his uniform (with his new belt) and talked about how he had gone to that school like 20 years ago and got his black belt at 18 - he congratulated Ethan in a very adult way, very cool.


                                It's funny because now that he's a blackbelt everyone has to refer to him as kyosinim (sp) and bow when he walks in.  It will make a funny scene with all the adult non-black belts having to bow and refer to him that way. 


                                The second highest rank in the school (she's in college) asked him before testing last night when his birthday was, because she had the school record for youngest black belt at 10 and 10 months or something.  He's only 10 and 3 months so he's now the youngest black belt the school has ever had.


                                If it's the picture I think you saw, that's funny.  Most of those people were the actual black belts who tested him.  Big group of like 15-20 of them.  Only 4 kids were testing, all ages 10, 12, 14 and 16.  Now next black belt test he's going to get to be one of the judges/testers.  Funny.  I guess as you can tell I'm pretty proud of him.  He's going to go a little less for a little while, because the last year has been sort of a grind just getting to black belt.  Maybe 2x/wk rather than 4.


                                We also just got our travel soccer info and he's going to be on the Plante's team with Ethan S. and a few other kids we know.  He's gonna be psyched and the competition will be good for him.