Training Groups


  • Run Together

    2021 team 4 🎵

  • Run, Sweat and BeersPrivate group

    Group for 2018 in 2018 game Team 3.

  • Runningbuddiez

    Giving the people what they want every day of the week.

  • runnit


  • Shadow Frog

    We out here winning house points cause we don’t like the Grizzletons. This is some important stuff and we want to have each other’s backs. Hey

  • Starting Tomorrow

    A group of runners that are going to start really training and eating right.... starting tomorrow.

  • Sub-3 Training Group

    If you're looking to go sub-3, you'll need to average 6:51 (or less) over the entire 26.2 mile distance. You will to need to train in a dedicated fashion with a appropriate training plan for success. You'll need peer advice about training stress, preventing injuries, nutrition plans, race strategies, etc., or perhaps just a hug or throat punch to get you back on track. Welcome sub-3 dreamers!

  • Summer 2020 Accountability GroupPrivate group

    To help hold each other accountable. For support and love and encouragement and the occasional gentle reproof :)

  • SWIFT Racing

    strength, wisdom, integrity, faith, truth; and running fast for HIS glory

  • Swim Bike Run

    A group for triathletes and those who love them. Key words: Triathlon Duathlon Multisport

  • Swimmers

    Swimming is great crosstraining for running. This is a group to share info on endurance swimming technique and events. Whether you're a beginner, a veteran, or a channel-crosser, this group may be for you!

  • Teufel-Team

    Zum Teufel-Team gehören Freizeitsportler die Spass am gemeinschaftlichen Laufen, Walken oder Wandern haben!

  • The JerksPrivate group

    A place to post about running and anything else on your mind.

  • The Long RunPrivate group

    A journey of faith and fitness....

  • The PHorcePrivate group

    A training group dedicated to Pizza Hut runners and their families/friends.

  • The Turtle Room less a pace than an attitude

    For marathoners running 4:30 +/- The defining characteristic of the Turtle Room is not so much the pace, but the attitude. The winner is the person who had the most fun. A new home for the Turtles displaced from RW.

  • Trail Runners

    For sharing of info specific to those of us addicted to dirt.

  • Trailer Trash

    Dailies, random trail talk, a recipe thread, and beer. What more could you want from a trail group?

  • Ultra Runners

    A forum for ultra runners (and aspiring ultra runners) to air their views/woes/success stories!

  • Ultra Triathlon

    The after 140.6 place for anvils, prospects, and the one a days.