Half Marathon Trainers

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    I hope you didn't lie to me about the weather!



    It's Texas - even weather.com lies to you about the weather. I just hope it's not as bad a last year.

    Awesome that you'll be there mate. When are you going down to DCC for packet pickup?

    2017 Goals
    1) Run more than 231 miles
    2) Be ready for  HM in the spring

      I haven't thought that far ahead. I'm still trying to setup a training plan for this race. Probably Saturday though, as Mrs.K wants to go to the expo as well.

      2019 Goals:

      #1: Do what I can do (250+ training days, 300+ aerobic hours).

      #2: Race (Hurt the Dirt 1/2 marathon - 4/27, Grand Rapids Tri 70.3 - 6/9, MSU Gran Fondo - 6/22, ODRAM - 8/10, Michigan Titanium 70.3 - 8/18, Grand Rapids Marathon - 10/20)


        Hey Veg - I saw that you cracked 200 in November. Nice work. 

        Come all you no-hopers, you jokers and rogues
        We're on the road to nowhere, let's find out where it goes