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    Thanks, MattJ and awaldvogel!  Matt, don't worry, your log indicates you have been working hard and I am confident that you will PR in your HM.  Make sure to report on your race.

    I have another race on March 20 and I would love to PR there too.......but we'll see.  I ran out of gas at mile 11-12, so hopefully I can be just a bit faster and set another PR.   This racing thing is starting to motivate me.......something that is surprising me, actually!

    ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

    Stop being a fat slob.

    Run more miles than last year.

      Nice run, Sean, and great to have the photos!

      How fast could you run not carrying the camera?


      Seriously, the suggestion Larry made a while ago, of doing some progression runs (where you pick up the pace gradually over the course of the run), or long runs with a fast couple of miles at the end will help you.


      PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                          10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


        Simon, I agree.  I have been thinking about running fast the last 1/4 of my long runs.  That is something I have seen in a training plan somewhere......and makes a lot of sense.   I also aim to try and do some speed work into my routines.

        ✔ Think of setting 2013 goals.

        Stop being a fat slob.

        Run more miles than last year.

          It's been motivating to read everyone's race reports the past few weeks.  I ran the ING Miami HM on 1/31 and posted a PR at 1:38:35.  It was pretty humid to start the race, but it cooled off some around mile 8 or 9.  I have another HM in Miami Beach in March, and hope to set another PR there!

            Great run, Jeff, congratulations!

            Can you tell us a little about your training schedule and what you felt worked/didn't work for you?

            (I find that kind of information very interesting; I expect others do also.)

            PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


              Thank you, Simon!   I've been gradually running more each week, which has helped. I averaged around 20 miles per week leading up to my first HM; now I'm over 30 with the goal of reaching 40 later this month.  I'm also increasing the distance on my longer runs.   I was only running about 12 miles for my long run leading up to my first 2 HMs.  That has to change because I really wore down the last few miles of the ING Miami.  So, I'm looking at throwing in some 14-18 mile runs this month before my next HM on March 7. 


              The biggest change in my training regime has been weight lifting.  I used to lift 4 days per week, mainly upper body.  Now I'm down to 2 full body workouts each week.  I've replaced the high weight, low rep plan with lower weights and 10-15 reps.  At first, I hated to give up the heavy lifting.  However, I've come to realize that if I want to set PRs, then I need to focus on what will help me reach those PRs.  I've done more core and lower body exercises as well, which has helped with injury prevention.  I've lost about 15 pounds in the process.


              I'm also going to try and throw in some longer tempo runs (8 miles) this month to increase my speed and endurance.  My least favorite part of training is interval day, but I'll try and stick it out instead of replacing it with short 5k runs that probably act like 'junk' miles.  That's probably the one day where I could use a running partner to get me through it.  

                I am about the same height and weight as you, Jeff. I am sure you have the potential to run faster as you are yiounger than me!


                I am trying to do some cross training this year, and a little more stretching than before.

                I have only run intervals three or four times over the last 3 years, but I do sometimes run fast down a slight downhill slope as a way of working on my turnover and stride length.


                I find the 5k hard tempo run useful as a way to judge my fitness, and to help make race pace seem less difficult, but I can't say I enjoy running them!

                I also do fast 10 mile runs, try to finish with the last 2 miles in under 15 minutes- that's a tough workout as well, but valuable in my opinion.


                I try to do 13-15 miles for a long run, though in the cold weather (like now!) I have been doing 10 miles or so as the maximum.

                Anyone else want to describe their workouts?


                PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                    10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                  Cowtown Half Marathon: 2:55:50 personal best, short of stretch goal of 2:45. Painful run. Going to take a nap. More later.



                  Well I finished the Cowtown Half with a personal best, 2:55:50 but it was a painful run. Missed stretch goal of 2:45 by a mile. Was feeling pretty good, although I knew I started out to fast and reeled it back in. Hills between mi 6-7 & 7-8 got to me big time, even keeping hr low I was breathing hard thru my mouth and legs killed, almost like insufficient O2 for the legs. Could my meds be partial cause of that behavior? Who knows. Anyway two areas of hills, first one steep, second ones longer got to me and slowed me quite a bit. I got excited after mi 6 when I passed the 2:50 pace person and thought ok, yer really doing good. Then the hill, he passed me and kept on going. I kept him in site to the top of the first, then lost him on the second steep one. Overall the hills were not as bad as in Atlanta, but I was walk/running then. This was first continuous running attempt with walking the water breaks.


                  I also screwed up my bio and fuel needs. I made three porta potty breaks in the last 10 min before the gun to empty bladder. It took 18 min for my corral to get to the mats and at about 1/2mi I had to pee. First water stop had 15-20 in line for the two units, no way, the second after mi 3, no way. Then I remembered a Braums would be coming up after mi 4, so I ran in there emptied again, and was on my way. Lost maybe 45 sec from my pace in that mi. The other thing I messed up was fuel. I didn't have enough for breakfast before the race. A 100 cal Muscle Milk Light, and a thin bagel with peanut butter around 6 am, race start was 7:30: time to the mats. I should have eaten more later. I ate early so I could get a good street parking spot, get to the expo to buy elastic laces and a bondi stretch head band & cap, take my team pictures, and warm up. Well the warm up wasn't long enough. The other thing is that I was over dressed for the back end temps. I was thinking it would go from 35 to maybe 43 by the time I finished. Well the clouds cleared and we ran the back end in almost full sun. Finish temp was in the mid 50's. I had tights on to keep calves from cramping at the start, but worse was the ss compression shirt and ls teach shirt, with a light company singlet over them. Could have done with less. Not that it would have made much difference. One of my finish saviors was the mi 11 water stop. The middle stops were out of powerade, but this one not only had it, they had bananas, and pieces of blueberry bagels! I grabbed a couple of bagel pieces, banana, and my powerade and enjoyed a meal before running again! Made my day!


                  Lessons Learned
                  - do a better warm up either before or during the distance run. Came out at what felt like slow jog but was really to fast a pace.
                  - do longer continuous lhr running runs.
                  - do more uphill lhr runs (had been doing lots of downhill runs to get foot turnover)
                  - need even more base building
                  - identify more realistic stretch goal

                  - eat more closer to gun time

                  bob e v
                  2014 goals: keep on running! Is there anything more than that?

                  Complete the last 3 races in the Austin Distance Challenge, Rogue 30k, 3M Half, Austin Full

                  Break the 1000 mi barrier!

                  History: blessed heart attack 3/15/2008; c25k july 2008 first 5k 10/26/2008 on 62nd birthday.

                  under a rock

                    I ran my first half marathon Saturday at the Xterra Georgia Thrill in the Hills at Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA


                    Quick report:

                    Time goal: 2:30 (super secret goal 2:15)

                    Official time: 2:14:44

                    AG 35-39: 9/27

                    Overall: 222/390

                    The race went well considering after mile 8 my IT band decided to flare up and cause pain on the side of my left knee. I had planned on kicking it into race mode around that time and this development was a hindrance to that plan. I came up with a plan of walking the hills and running as fast as possible in between hills, running slow bothered it as much as the hills. I had to stop and stretch at least 5 times in miles 9 through 13, two times in the last mile. I probably lost about 5 mins due to the walking and stretching. It was so frustrating because stamina wise I was fine, had lots left in my legs and lungs. Hopefully next time I'll get it right. I really can't complain about my time considering I made my super secret goal even with the problem that was thrown my way.

                    The side of my knee is very sore today. I'll be taking at least a week off and then cutting my mileage in half once I can run again. I see a lot of swimming in my future for the next week or two. I hope I can get this nipped in the bud really quick. I blame my IT band problems this time on too much time on the treadmill and roads the past three weeks.

                    full blog report here

                      Bob and Ashley, Congrats to both of you on PRs.  Sounds like you both had tough days, but pushed through it and still enjoyed it. The fact that you are both already talking about "next time" is great.
                        Way to tough it out, both of you!

                        PBs since age 60:  5k- 24:36, 10k - 47:17. Half Marathon- 1:42:41.

                                                            10 miles (unofficial) 1:16:44.


                          13.1 Miami Beach:


                          I set a new PR by 6 minutes with a time of 1:32:42.  I decided to start out with an ambitious goal of a 7:05 pace and surprisingly kept it throughout the race.  Needless to say I was shocked around mile 9 that I was maintaining my pace as I really hit the wall 6 weeks earlier in the ING, which was by far a much flatter course. 


                          I felt my preparation leading up to the race (and since the ING) was really strong.  I added a few longer runs on weekends and  mid week tempo runs that really challenged me.  I've only run 3 HMs now, but this was the first one where I felt completely healthy leading up to race day.  No nagging lower body pain that I had going into my first 2.  Other than a couple short runs, I practically rested the entire week before the race.  Some may think my taper is too light, but it worked well for me. 


                          Another thing that really helped me was my new watch...I bought a Polar last month to track my pace and measure distance.  I'd monitor it every few hundred meters and adjusted accordingly during the race.  Whenever I felt I was slowing down, I'd check it and push myself a bit more or find that I was within my time goal.  It also helped to not go out too hard, especially at the start line and first 2 miles, and then to keep me motivated the last few miles where I really slowed last time.  It also didn't hurt that I had a faster runner pass me at mile 10, so I used her as a rabbit all the way to the finish line. 


                          Afterward, there was a nice party on the beach, including a Samuel Adams tent offering free beer.  Can't beat that! 

                            13.1 Miami Beach:


                            I set a new PR by 6 minutes with a time of 1:32:42.


                            Sweet! Keep up the great running.

                              Dallas Rock & Roll Half - March 14 2010


                               I have promised myself that this is the last time I'm going to start a race report by bitching about traffic & packet pick-up but... I hate that the big races that have this kind of mandate:

                              "Thou (and only thou) shalt go (with photo id) to the expo (and only to the expo) to pick up thine packet in downtown Dallas on the Friday afternoon of spring break. Where though shall needlessly sit in rush hour traffic and pay $10 parking for the privilege of parking ones vehicle before picking up thine packet and sitting in rush hour traffic on the way home"... not that I'm bitter!


                              Now... raceday. Goal - Sub 2:00:00 for the first time or bust!


                              This race was well organized: Accessible parking at the finish. Plenty of buses to the start. On arrival at the start about one point two bajillion porta-pots and a well organized coral system....and the Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders!


                              With a projected finish time of 2 hours I was in coral 4 (of 14) and this was the best start to a big race I have ever been on. they left about 60-90 seconds gap between one coral emptying and the other starting. Probably didn't seem too good to those in coral 14 but we were up and running with no crowding from the go!


                              Despite having availed myself of the plentiful amenities prior to the start - I needed to pee at the first pots after 0.75 miles. I have no idea why this always is. After that I was fine. I had planned on hanging with the 2:00 pace group until halfway and see how things felt. The first half of the race is up hill so I figured if I was good at mile 7 - I could crack it. Even after using the John I caught up with the pace group and passed them in mile 4. I felt good all day and when I went through 10k under 56 mins I knew it was game on!


                              Some good splits in the downhill second half and with 2 hours in the bag it was a question of seeing if I could really push it in the last couple of miles. About 2.5 miles out I found myself running next to a lady of similar age and pace we ended up pushing each other for the last two and a half miles giving it all for a 7:45 split in the final mile.


                              Crossed the line with a chip time, and new PR by 9 mins, of 1:53:34


                              On a much more sobering note, thoughts and prayers with the family of Mark Austry who collapsed and passed away after crossing the finish line. Mark was 32 and lived about 0.5 mile away from me. Even though I did not know him personally he was one of the many runners whose paths often cross in our local neighborhood.

                              2017 Goals
                              1) Run more than 231 miles
                              2) Be ready for  HM in the spring

                                Awesome stuff Matt, the fast finish suggests you have much faster time in you.  Consistent training is paying off.

                                Re the runner who passed away, any news about the cause etc?