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Weekly Check-in 06/01/09 (Read 282 times)

Gotta Flee Em All

    Rubber track, friction and all.  The fivefingers would have been wise.  I have been known to be unwise.

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      Was that your first barefoot run? How was it (aside from the blisters afterward)? Please tell me you're not doing Grandmas barefoot though..

      It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

        There are quite a few 'a mile a day' people that are in the 'barefoot runnners' group. I have been running barefoot on a treadmill since last November. I ventured outside barefoot a month or so ago, came down hard on a stone, and bruised my left foot. I continue to run bf on tm, but too wimpy to take it outside.

        Gotta Flee Em All

          First barefoot run.  I used to run in the Nike Frees, but I did not like them.  I have been feeling a bit boxed in in my shoes ever since Strolling Jim.  I just finished the book Born to Run, which is not about barefoot running per se, but still inspires you to take the shoes off.  That combination, and off they came.  The blister ain't bad this morning.  But I suspect I will be wearing shoes at GMM.

          In it for the long run..

            ^^ Just be careful.  It's pretty close to Grandma's to be doing something new.  I experimented with very minimalist shoes a few year ago (granted, I was a little heavier and not in as good of shape as now)- wore HStreets (hence my screenname) and Frees.  Wound up with a stress fracture in my lower leg.  I was NOT on soft surfaces, either.  I also thought I was invincible.  I have Vibrams but never wound up running in them due to the stress fracture.

            "It's not who wins the workout..."


              Well, congrats on your first barefoot run, Trent.  May your next one be less ... educational.  I suggest no more than a mile or two on something like one of those smooth, paved bike trails... or on a treadmill.  Yes, TM kinda defeats the whole purpose of going natural, but it at least gives you a chance to get your feet under you!  Wink  You can run most of your workout with shoes and then take the shoes off at the end... don't have to do the whole thing barefoot.  Just some food for thought.


              Now, if only you'd skip a run day so my streak could pass yours...


              Roads were made for journeys...

              I fly.

                I'm back from Disney.  I survived walking 20000 miles and chasing 2 kids in 2 directions for 7 days.  Oh and I managed to run at least 1 mile every day (although there were a few days that 1 mile almost didn't happen). 


                Now I've got to reset my self and get back on the ball!  Marathon training starts Sunday!

                Bring it on.

                One day at a time

                  Jill, you deserve a medal for surviving Disney, especially at this time of year!  I've never walked more than the week we were there.  And since I'm a control freak, I was pretty much freaking out all the time, trying to get us where we were supposed to be.


                    You all are awesome! I hope I can do just a bit of what you do!  I've made it through my first week.  I've either got allergies acting up or getting a cold and feel all stuffed up.  I wouldn't have run the last two days if it weren't for this.  10 days!



                      Really nice run today.  I did 3x5 minute intervals with 5 minutes rest in between (per my 5K training plan) and stretched out the cooldown part of the run after to get just over 10 miles in today.  Still trying to keep miles up especially since Saturday will probably only be a few miles around teh track with my kids riding their bikes.


                      During the latter half of my run I ran over to Woburn HS to check out their new track (I think they finished it last fall).  It was really nice - the padded new stuff.  What was interesting was that they actually had these gates on the 4 inside corners of the track that they push out so that joggers (like myself of course) dont use the inside lanes and wear them down.  The gate actually said (Joggers please use outside lanes).  Now I dont consider myself a jogger, I am a runner.  But I took it to mean that the inside is reserved for their track team practices and meets so I kept to the outside.  I just thought it was nice of them to leave it open tothe public since they very easily could have locked it up.


                      I ALMOST took of my shoes and did a few laps barefoot but I wussed out - not because I thought it would hurt.  I wimped out because I could feel how soaked in sweat my socks were and putting them back on for the run back to the gym just sounded gross to me.  Maybe next week I'll head over for a mile barefoot.


                      Chicago RnR 1/2 Marathon

                        Day 3 this morning for me.  I think we are finally getting in a routine with mom living here for awhile.  And she is becoming more independent this week, so that is good. 

                          I've lost my consistency in runs (probably for the best) after my 5k race this weekend, but I'm still going on the streak.


                          I also have a 43 day streak of doing my physical therapy exercises, which should also keep me running.


                            This week is going well. 5 days and going, er, strong? I'm getting in more of my cross-training as well, and I feel good going into my race tomorrow.

                            PRs: 27:26 5k/ 49:52 5mi/ 58:17 10k/ 2:09:24 half/ 5:13:17 Full


                            2016 Goals 
                            1,000 miles/ 100 Day Streak/ 25mpw base/ Race a half marathon/ Try for a sub-6 hour marathon
                            Run, consistently, without fail


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                              Hm, maybe next time I'm at a nice modern rubberized track I'll try a lap barefoot -- for the fun if nothing else.


                              But probably not at the upcoming mile series we're doing -- don't think I want to try barefoot when there will be other racers with shoes and maybe even spikes racing with me Smile

                              It's a 5k. It hurt like hell...then I tried to pick it up. The end.

                              I fly.

                                If this is becoming the Barefoot Mile A Day group I'm outta here!

                                Bring it on.