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Umstead 100 (Read 892 times)

    I agree... the thought of actually having to RUN 100 miles kinda scares me.  At least w/ the mountain 100s, it's 30-40 miles of running interspersed with some nice scenic hiking.  Smile


    Ok,  please remind me of this in July.  But for now, please leave me in my own little world where Umstead is a nice friendly course.Smile



      A few people I know did the Arkansas traveler 100 last October.  This year it's on 10/1 and I think fairly close for you.




      An older friend of mine liked it.  He's tried to push me toward running it as my first as well. 


      I'm eyeballing Mohican in 2012.  That's not too far, Trent?


         A 12 hour run here (Watershed Preserve 12 hour). 5ish mile loops on wide, dirt horse trails. I don't know what the gain is per loop, but it's not much at all.


        I guess it depends on what's being compared, but yes, compared to mountain-y stuff, it isn't... and 100% runnable.


        Which causes (me) issues in a 12 hour.  That course has enough roly poly to wear me the hell out.


        Plus it is mostly wide horse trail... except for the little tiny WTF technical loop at the end of each big loop.  Great big fun at hour 11.


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          To replace Umstead, I am now considering the following suite...


          • Greenways Marathon 3/27 (registered)
          • Country Music Marathon 4/30 (registered)
          • Strolling Jim 40 5/7
          • Keys 50 5/14
          • Scenic City Marathon 5/21
          • Grandmas Marathon 6/18
          • Blister in the Sun 8/7
          • Tupelo Marathon 9/4
          • Stump Jump 50k 10/1
          • Marine Corps Marathon 10/30 (registered)
          • Flying Monkey Marathon 11/20 (registered)
          • Lookout Mountain 50 12/17
          • Umstead 2012

            I've heard good things about Javelina Jundred. It's not close but you could maybe turn it into a mini-vacation.


            Also - it is a loop course of 15 miles or so.  So that can be good (see crew regularly) or bad (easier to quit?).  But gets lots of positive feedback and from the pictures looks like a party at the crew areas (tents, etc).

            Demon of Bad Decisions

              Flying Monkey Marathon 11/20 (registered)


              I'm sorry to inform you that registration does not open until July.

              I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

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                I have been cursed with eternal registration.

                  Hey Trent:

                  Check out the Ozark 100.  Very close to you.  Late (Nov 5). Cheap ($150).  Doesn't sell out. 


                  Scenic, point-to-point.  All singletrack.  I think I'm going to do it too...


                    - Chris

                  Demon of Bad Decisions

                    Ozark was nice.  You have to keep your head screwed on because it winds through oak forests where the trail isn't usually visible because of all the downed leaves.  It took me a lot longer than Umstead, but there had been a crazy storm that had come through a month before, and there was a lot of obstacles the first 30 miles.  I'm sure this has been long since cleared up.  It ended up being a nice fall race, and most importantly, it is my prettiest belt buckle.  Big grin

                    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

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                      November is alway tough for me.  Every month I have to work one weekend.  November always fills the later weekends with Monkeys, then turkeys.  And I always have my annual professional meeting the second week.  So the first weekend (i.e., 11/5/2011 in this case) will be the weekend I have to work.


                      Which is cripes.  But what can you do.

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                        Good luck this weekend!

                          Good luck this weekend!


                          Thanks Trent,


                          Are we down to just A1 and me?


                          Batensmack, are you pacing?

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                            Beth McCurdy is taking my place, and will hopefully pop about 20 hours.  I think that is a great use of my bib!


                            Not sure A1's final game time decision.


                              Beth McCurdy is taking my place, and will hopefully pop about 20 hours.


                              You have blisters on the brain.  Well, not literally.  That's likely bad.



                                Not sure A1's final game time decision.


                                I hope you mean what time to shoot for and not whether he's going or not.


                                He is finishing off back to back 500 mile months and his taper includes a 6 mile tempo @ 6:11 pace yesterday.


                                I'm practicing walking and eating...