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The Goofinator

    LOVE pancakes.  Hate IHOP.  But for free pancakes, I could be swayed.


    Oh shoot.  Day late, dollar short.

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      Demon of Bad Decisions

        Sure.  You have to be prepared for all those running groupies.

        I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

          I like that they now make condoms for ultra runners. Presumably they are built for the long run.


            I could see having a massage therapist on my back.

              It's supposed to be hard. If it wasn't hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it great. ~ Jimmy Dugan

              The King of Beasts

                and I want to be Al Giordino




                now we need a Juan Cabrillo and a Kurt Austin

                "As a dreamer of dreams and a travelin' man I have chalked up many a mile. Read dozens of books about heroes and crooks, And I've learned much from both of their styles." ~ Jimmy Buffett


                "I don't see much sense in that," said Rabbit. "No," said Pooh humbly, "there isn't. But there was going to be when I began it. It's just that something happened to it along the way."”

                Demon of Bad Decisions


                  National Pancake Association - does such a thing exist ? it should, I heart pancakes.


                  A month and a half of warning, A1.  Your lucky day is Feb 28.

                  I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart

                  Demon of Bad Decisions


                    • Five Hour Energy-  It doesn't make my heart race, gives me a little boost, and definitely helps me stay awake and moving through the night.


                    I love this stuff so much, but it isn't cheap.  I was just directed to a site to get a free bottle.  Just a heads up for anyone who likes the stuff or wants to give it a try.


                    MTA:  Speaking of free stuff, here is a coupon good for a free lean muscle shake at GNC.  It is only good through the 7th.

                    I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart


                      So if you send me a coupon for a free shake, are you my (temporary) sponsor?


                      Demon of Bad Decisions

                        Yes.  Now you have to wear my name plastered all over you like a nascar driver.


                        I own you!!!!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha!

                        I want to do it because I want to do it.  -Amelia Earhart