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    I know it's old news by now but here is the link to my Iroquois Trail 100 report I ran back on Sept 20-21. My report is the second post on the thread. http://www.runningahead.com/groups/MastRun/Forum/0927a56f2d204482a1967538b86f4de7 Kelly
    If you never go fast, you'll never go fast.
      Again, Kelly, congratulations on an absolutely awesome run. You did yourself proud, Little Lady!! Big grin

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        Thank you, thank you-where's your report there Girlfriend?
        If you never go fast, you'll never go fast.
          Great job, Kelly! Thanks for the detailed report; the course sounds great! Although I'm planning to run the Delaware again next year (I think I can beat my time), I may have to check this one out too, if they happen to fall on different weekends. Again, fantastic running!

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