Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

100.00 m0:133:30MN Senior Games8/2/2014View Race
1500.00 m4:465:07Star or the North Games6/29/1996View Race
1.00 mi5:155:15TC 1 Mile5/7/2009View Race
2.00 mi10:455:23Milaca Mega Meet Cross Country9/24/2005View Race
2.08 mi13:296:29Golden Lake Gallop 2 Miler7/12/2014View Race
2.87 mi17:476:12Frosty Frolic1/10/2015View Race
5.00 km17:015:29Fall Colors9/30/2000View Race
6.00 km22:366:04USATF St. Kates Cross Country9/28/2008View Race
3.80 mi23:586:19Golden Lake Gallop 4 Miler7/13/2016View Race
6.23 km22:015:42623 Walk Run11/8/1997View Race
4.00 mi22:46.805:42Waseca FCA Fun Run2/26/2000View Race
4.05 mi26:01.166:26Golden Lake Gallop7/15/2020View Race
4.18 mi25:226:05Golden Lake Gallop7/14/2012View Race
4.28 mi23:365:31Golden Lake Gallop7/17/1999View Race
4.40 mi28:026:23Ragnar Relay8/18/2012View Race
8.00 km27:545:37Human Race3/22/1998View Race
5.00 mi29:185:52Eelpout Peel-out2/17/1996View Race
5.37 mi35:096:33Living History Farms11/18/2000View Race
6.05 mi38:456:25Ragnar Relay8/17/2012View Race
10.00 km35:135:41621 Foundation Family Fun Run9/29/1996View Race
6.55 mi37:495:47Winter Carnival Half Marathon1/31/2004View Race
7.20 mi47:176:35Ragnar Relay8/18/2012View Race
7.50 mi47:516:23Trail Mix--Team4/19/2008View Race
8.20 mi58:337:09Ragnar Relay8/19/2011View Race
15.00 km55:025:55Lake Run9/2/2000View Race
Half Marathon1:18:396:01Gary Bjorklund Half Marathon6/20/1998View Race
25.00 km1:36:396:14City of Lakes 25K9/7/2008View Race
16.00 mi1:48:516:49Edmund Fitzgerald 16 Mile Leg10/17/1998View Race
17.00 mi1:56:066:50Edmund Fitzgerald 17 Mile Leg10/18/2003View Race
30.00 km1:57:596:20Run Around Woman Lake5/4/2002View Race
20.00 mi2:10:526:33Elk River Lions5/13/2000View Race
Marathon2:55:326:42Grandmas Marathon6/17/2000View Race
50.00 mi10:13:1112:16VT509/28/2014View Race
100.00 km11:14:0010:51Edmund Fitzgerald 100K10/19/2002View Race