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4:48 PM

4.8 mi


8:08 mi


152.6 lb
138 bpm
156 bpm


40 F
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Was feeling tight after running hills and doing PT yesterday PM, so I wasn't sure how this run would go. At first I did indeed feel tight and thought maybe I should only run like 3 miles. But during the run I felt like my form wanted to force a change, perhaps encouraged by the Pumas, toward correcting anterior pelvic tilt. Not sure whether I was running more "correctly" or just weirdly because stuff is sore, injured, old, or whatever. But my form was different and I seemed to felt better as the run progressed, and feel ok afterwards. Emphasis was on engaging and setting my abs, which felt like it also pulled my shoulders forward. I tried also to lean forward but don't think I managed to do that much.