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9:12 AM

3 mi


8:44 mi


151.2 lb
128 bpm
140 bpm


59 F
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On Monday Josh said I'd injured my sacrotuberous ligament in addition to injuring my glute max. He did his thing to both areas. Afterwards, it felt both like I could move better and like he'd made the area very sore. I didn't run yesterday because it hurt overnight. Today I expected to feel better than I did. It still hurt a lot, though in a different way than Monday. On Monday I felt uneven. Today I didn't feel uneven, but the pain was persistent in what plausibly is the area of that ligament. It's as if other parts are recovering to reveal that deeper injury. Josh said ligaments can take 3 weeks to heal, and even then they never fully heal (compare a sprained ankle). I think it's time to shut things down, give up on Rehoboth, and take a break.