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9:22 AM

4 mi


7:10 mi


54 F
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1 warm-up, 4x400mSI, 2x800C, 2x400SI, .5 cool-down = 4miles. Aimed at SI=1:29 for 400m (=5:56/mile pace), and C=3:16 for 800m (=1:38 for 400m=6:32/mile pace). Recovery was walking for around 2 minutes. Ran back and forth on McCormack road because the damn track was not open. In the future, if the track isn't reliable, I should just go straight to the metro trail for intervals. Anyway, I nailed my goal times. But it was really hard. I felt very wobbly running that fast, which means I need to do it more often. My left foot and ankle ached. I was way too tired after each interval to jog, so I just walked. One day maybe I'll adapt to these enough that I can jog during recovery. On most of the 400's I started too fast and slowed drastically at the end. But that will change as I get used to it. The 800's were more steady.