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10:46 AM

14.5 mi


8:17 mi


70 F
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Fastest long run in modern history, mainly because of the fast finish (even with the cool-down half mile). At 11 miles I think my average pace was 8:24 or so, before I sped up. Felt like crap when I woke up this morning, for no apparent reason. Felt bad for the first third of the run too, though it still felt like I was running slowly. Before the fast finish part, I never felt particularly good but also never felt like I was running fast. Because I've been running faster the last couple weeks, especially this past week, I always felt like I could have run much faster. But I felt more worn down than usual. Hopefully that will go away in the next couple weeks as the miles drop off. The last few, fast miles were hard, though. The final 10k of this marathon is not going to be fun. But, after some good rest, I'll be as ready as I could hope.