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11:38 AM

4.5 mi


7:50 mi


153.5 lb


47 F
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First run since the marathon. Legs have felt fine for 2-3 days and also felt fine when I started running. But after less than a mile, hamstrings on both legs started aching and tightening up. The right leg is worse. They're runnable but will need some easy runs before loosening up fully. It must be something about my form that causes my hamstrings to get so wasted after marathons. Twice I counted my strides per minute around 167 - not ideal but not bad for someone at my level. I could still be lifting my foot too high behind me and/or kicking too far forward. I wore the Pure Flow shoes today in hopes that taking another step down in heel cushioning will help me heel strike less and so overstride less. I also need to do strengthening exercises for my "core" and running form drills of some kind. Probably getting back into speed work, and shorter intervals than I did before, both of which I want to do anyway (once recovered), will help my form as well.