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8:00 AM

26.3 mi


7:36 mi


152.5 lb


38 F

Race Result

635 / 20940 (3%)
103 / 1964 (5.2%)
552 / 12388 (4.5%)


Official time 3:19:22. Official pace 7:37. Started 25 seconds after the gun. Splits: 5k: 23:10, 10k: 45:52 (22:42), 15k: 1:09:00 (23:08), 20k: 1:32:08 (23:08), half: 1:37:08, 25k: 1:55:17 (23:09), 30k: 2:18:37 (23:20), 35k: 4:42:39 (24:02), 40K: 3:08:16 (25:37). Unbelievably consistent splits through 25k, with only the second 5k a bit fast. Then the next one (to 30k) slipped only about 10 seconds. After that it slipped more, but much less than in my past marathons. So not quite even splits all the way, but very close.

Winter storm with snow the day before, but it barely accumulated and was long gone by morning. Windy and cold before the start, but the day turned out to be very sunny, cool, and not so windy. Temperature was maybe 38 at the start, and perhaps mid-40's by the end. I wore shorts with compression shorts under them (I regret the latter, because they're tight and bother my stomach), a long-sleeved tech shirt with my bib on it, sleeveless tech shirt on top of that (discarded after 7 miles), a short-sleeved tech shirt on top of that (discarded after 2 miles), free cloth gloves (discarded after 7 miles), my beanie hat (took off and carried after 7 miles), and sunglasses. Carried six gels but ate only three: at around 4.5, 10, and 20 miles. Shoes did not feel right - not sure why. My feet were frozen at the beginning, but I think they also weren't broken in enough. Maybe Ravennas aren't the right shoes for racing?


Training Plan Entry


26.2 mi