Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

0.30 mi3:0010:00Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/13/2012View Race
1.08 mi7:036:32Frosty Four Mile12/27/2008View Race
2.60 mi18:086:59Mud Run9/6/2009View Race
5.00 km18:526:05Elkhorn Turkey Trot 5k11/3/2007View Race
3.16 mi19:256:09Blarney Stone 5k3/17/2008View Race
3.47 mi23:226:45Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/9/2010View Race
3.57 mi24:006:44Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/13/2012View Race
4.00 mi27:436:56Frosty Four 4 Miles12/9/2006View Race
4.16 mi28:216:49Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/13/2012View Race
4.38 mi30:356:59Market to Market10/10/2009View Race
4.39 mi29:516:48Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/9/2010View Race
4.83 mi32:106:40Fremont Family YMCA 5 Mile Turkey Trot11/27/2008View Race
8.00 km30:376:10Shamrock Shuffle3/30/2008View Race
5.00 mi31:016:13Fremont 5 Mile Turkey Trot11/22/2007View Race
5.31 mi36:056:48Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/1/2011View Race
5.59 mi38:246:53Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/13/2012View Race
10.00 km39:516:25Corporate Cup9/21/2008View Race
7.00 mi48:306:56Bix 77/25/2009View Race
10.00 mi1:07:136:4430th Annual Richfield 10 Mile Run10/14/2007View Race
12.11 mi1:20:316:39Market to Market 86 Mile Relay10/11/2008View Race
Half Marathon1:27:446:42Eisenhower Half Marathon4/5/2008View Race
13.40 mi1:39:597:28Bohemian Alps Half Marathon10/6/2012View Race
14.58 mi1:59:308:12Heifer Hustle Twilight Trail Run7/27/2013View Race
18.67 mi3:23:3710:55Vet's Trail Run11/10/2012View Race
Marathon3:07:247:10Boston Marathon4/21/2008View Race
52.00 mi11:37:1213:25Dizzy Goat 12 Hour Run6/22/2013View Race