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1:34 PM

5 km


7:02 mi


130 lb


50 F


10 / 10
10 / 10

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So, the plan called for a 5k this weekend, and the only one I could find was the Heart Healthy 5k in Beatrice. Decided to go for it, and signed John up, too. There was a couples division, so I thought that would be fun.

This was the first year for this race, and they had a great turnout and did a fabulous job! They had beanies for registering, instead of shirts, and they're really nice beanies. They also provided Valentino's post-race. They will provide a good race for years to come.

This race started at some random gym in Beatrice, and ran out and onto the Homestead Trail for 1.5 miles, and then back. The trail was FULL of snow, ice, slush, and just really made it difficult to run. They said it was bad, but wow. Wow. I can't really know how to judge this race, because I don't know what time I would have really run.

I got 5th overall, and first female. My guess, though, is that the trail really was a factor, because TJ Hubbard won first place in 19:29 or something. I don't think that's his usual 5k time? ;) Also, the second place guy was a CC runner from NWU. Don't think he would have normally run 19:49 for a 5k...

Anyway, after I finished, I waited for John. He came in at 26:42! For his first race ever! I'm so proud of him, because without the snow, who knows what he would have run. He didn't expect to do that well at all.

And--we won the couples division!