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10:00 AM

3.7 mi


13:30 mi


Forgot my watch, no splits. Warmed up 15-20 minutes into the race, and realized I should have done that before-hand. Going to have to learn to focus again at some point. With some plantar pain lately, I had mixed expectations and heat was a problem, I was sweating so much that each arm swing was sending a stream of sweat flying forward. Hung on to a reasonable pace and pushed it toward the end. Enjoyed the run though I was almost 8 minutes slower than 2008. Finished this series with 2 other team members, Tony Park and Craig Stokowski. Views at the summit were hazy, but interesting as there was a ring of clouds about 30 miles out from the mountain, all sitting almost undercast, at or below summit level. Took the Futures trail down this year. Good fun trail, would be nice to loop up on Windsor and down Futures some day.