Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

400.00 m1:06.904:30Smith Colege Indoor Track1/25/2009View Race
1.00 mi5:475:47Smith Colege Indoor Track1/25/2009View Race
2.00 mi30:2015:10Mt. Rosebrook Ascent9/30/2017View Race
3.00 mi18:466:16Stanley Park 3M9/29/2008View Race
3.10 mi19:196:14Holyoke Elks 5k9/25/2008View Race
3.20 mi22:457:07Summer Sizzler 5k8/27/2008View Race
3.40 mi1:06:0419:26New England Spartan Sprint8/10/2013View Race
3.50 mi22:246:24May Day For Matt5/18/2008View Race
3.70 mi49:5613:30Ascutney Mountain Run7/11/2010View Race
3.80 mi43:0311:20Ascutney Mountain Run7/12/2008View Race
4.00 mi43:4610:57Bretton Woods 201510/3/2015View Race
4.30 mi34:238:00Wachusett Mountain Road Race5/24/2008View Race
4.70 mi50:5610:51Wachusett Mtn. Trail Edition.5/28/2011View Race
4.75 mi40:118:28Wilbraham Turkey Trot11/22/2018View Race
4.80 mi1:00:0012:30Ascutney Mountain Run6/9/2013View Race
4.90 mi38:447:55Wilbraham Turkey Trot11/26/2015View Race
8.00 km34:126:53Holyoke Elks 8k8/26/2010View Race
5.00 mi32:586:36Hatfield Dan Barry 5 Mile Road Race11/2/2008View Race
5.10 mi43:178:30Wachusett Mtn. Trail Edition.5/23/2009View Race
5.30 mi48:179:07Northfield Mtn.5/22/2010View Race
5.50 mi1:24:2315:21Cranmore Hill Climb 20126/24/2012View Race
5.65 mi1:39:46.8617:40Loon 20217/11/2021View Race
5.75 mi1:03:5011:07Loon Mountain7/5/2009View Race
6.00 mi41:196:54Talking Turkey11/24/2007View Race
6.10 mi1:22:5913:37Sleepy Hollow Mtn.5/13/2012View Race
6.20 mi41:226:41Conway Covered Bridge Classic10/5/2008View Race
6.40 mi48:307:35Northfield Mtn.6/7/2008View Race
6.60 mi1:24:3412:49Loon 2014, 20167/3/2016View Race
7.00 mi58:248:21Highland Park Challenge4/27/2008View Race
7.20 mi1:11:5410:00Cranmore Hill Climb6/28/2009View Race
12.00 km1:55:5315:33Cranmore Hill Climb 20137/21/2013View Race
7.50 mi2:00:0016:00Bretton Woods 201610/2/2016View Race
7.60 mi1:43:1213:35Mt. Washington Road Race6/20/2009View Race
8.00 mi55:176:55Ron Hebert 8M Road Race4/6/2008View Race
13.00 km1:51:3813:50Cranmore Hill Climb7/12/2015View Race
8.50 mi2:01:5814:21Boston [Barre] Super Spartan 20156/20/2015View Race
8.58 mi1:50:1512:51Cranmore Hill Climb 20076/24/2007View Race
10.00 mi1:10:407:04D. H. Jones 10 Miler2/28/2010View Race
10.50 mi1:36:319:12Monroe Dunbar Brook Trail Race10/12/2008View Race
11.00 mi1:59:0310:50Savoy Mtn. Race8/16/2009View Race
12.00 mi2:34:2912:537 Sisters Trail Race5/4/2008View Race
13.00 mi2:41:2012:25Mt. Greylock Half6/20/2010View Race
Half Marathon1:38:227:31New Bedford Half Marathon3/16/2008View Race
13.50 mi5:37:3225:01Killington Beast 20159/20/2015View Race
14.00 mi1:59:458:34Mt. Toby8/22/2010View Race
24.00 km2:21:219:29Soapstone 24k5/20/2007View Race
17.50 mi3:21:1711:31Wapack (South)8/31/2008View Race
30.00 km4:29:3714:28Escarmpent Trail Race7/27/2008View Race
21.00 mi4:47:0013:40MorFun Wapack5/10/2008View Race
31.10 mi6:12:2611:59Pisgah 50k9/14/2008View Race