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6:30 PM

3.1 mi


7:22 mi


Intended to run the obstacles again, but arrived just in time for the race, and the speed opportunity was the highest value. I'm not going to gain much before Sunday. I wan to do more play on bars for my comfort level, and still can.

No real time to warmup, just 7 minutes trails with some pushups and cobrinha skaters in the woods.

Started this one real clsoe to the front. Dick gave zero warning for the start. No one was ready, 'Runners to your mark! Set! Go!' and off we went.

7:21 1st Mile

7:24 Second mile

8:10 ish for the final 1.1 miles.

Very solid pace. Martha Bourard was really aggressive hanging with me through the first 2 miles. I didn't feel as agressive in the last mile, but picked it up to pass the person I'd been behind for the last mile. Breathing was the big focus. I tried fo find the nice open thoracic that I found at Pac. It helped quite a bit to make the deeper breathing less work. Need some long solitary miles to work on it. Didn't give much attention to stride.