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9:00 AM

7.6 mi


16:45 mi


Paste in from Cronometer:

3 mile warmup from Pinkahm notch to Mt. Washington Auto Road. Then, 2+ hour run up. Really felt the lack of sleep and had to push hard to get through it to some good running. Strange numbness in my left leg, last few toes, through the first half. Felt my scarred Left LCL and behind the Right LCL. Probably could have broke 2 hours if I ran as well as last week.

Spent a good solid hour shivering cold and wet at the top. 20-40mph wind in the low 40's. Filled up with water and headed down the trails with Nye, slightly worried. About 100 feet down from the summit, completely different and comfortable. Decended about 1000' and had to take off the hat, long sleeve, blanket, etc. Beautiful hike/run down. No real physical complaints except generally rubbery legs from exhaustion. A quick dip in a freezing stream did the trick for the lower trail section, felt like a million bucks after that.