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10:00 AM

3.7 mi


13:56 mi


157.4 lb

Race Result

89 / 173 (51.4%)
9 / 12 (75%)


Very happy with my performance, performing well is fun. I had left Cranmore amazed at how much fun I had pushing myself and holding a great pace. I had most fun on the downhill, but wanted to find the same on the uphill at Ascutney.

I ran the first mile in 13:41, kept running through 20 minutes and then began breaking into a powerhike. 2nd mile in 14:39. The first power hike was a 1:00 recovery. I thought to hang on and reasses at 25:00 but took another 30 sec powerhike before then. Mile 3 needed a run-in-the-sun strategy until the slightly flat sections let me recover while running. My power hikes were very aggressive, I was only powerhiking where I could powerhike faster than a run. I had been exchanging positions through most of mile 2, and by mile 3 I was only passing people. Third mile was 14:20. I settled back into running and pushing past difficult re-starts to gain momentum, knowing I wanted to finish with a stronger run, and did. Last 500 feet were very strong. Thought I might pass out in the finish chute.

Refueled with a few watermelon slices, half a banana, some berries, still felt pretty wobbly. I do much better with salty protein. Walked most of the way up to the summit. Felt better on the way down. Took the trails for most of it, had at least a mile run on the roads. Tim caught up to me, in an interesting conversation about VT ski mountain ownership. Ran with them. Downhill took a toll on my right knee. Later, at the gas station I took a wierd really painfull step wtih a loose stride. Hope all is alright.

Against the winning time of 30.55, I scored 61 points. Good to stay over 60