Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

2.00 mi24:5912:30Dirty Hurty3/6/2021View Race
2.26 mi31:46.2214:04Warrior Dash6/11/2016View Race
2.44 mi27:33.7611:18Terrain Race9/29/2018View Race
2.50 mi32:2012:56Warrior Dash6/11/2016View Race
2.65 mi30:22.6311:28Terrain Race9/29/2018View Race
2.85 mi43:45.4615:22Terrain Race10/1/2022View Race
3.00 mi1:00:0020:00Spartan Sprint Stadium6/24/2017View Race
3.10 mi26:45.398:38Sunset Park12/16/2017View Race
3.15 mi26:45.128:30Sundowner 5K7/24/2014View Race
3.21 mi31:49.979:56Kellogg Zaher Park11/6/2016View Race
3.64 mi56:24.7515:30Badass Dash7/8/2017View Race
3.74 mi1:06:22.0817:45Spartan Sprint6/11/2017View Race
3.88 mi1:35:41.4424:40Spartan Sprint9/28/2014View Race
3.99 mi38:24.329:38Jingle Bell 5K12/13/2014View Race
4.04 mi35:08.728:42Elmhurst 4 on the 4th7/4/2013View Race
4.05 mi43:05.6710:39Elmhurst 4 on the 4th7/4/2022View Race
4.10 mi1:02:4815:20Badass Chicago8/31/2013View Race
4.34 mi1:12:5416:48Badass Chicago8/29/2015View Race
4.40 mi1:04:3914:42Badass Chicago5/10/2014View Race
4.95 mi47:30.809:36BBQ Bolt9/7/2019View Race
5.00 mi44:37.398:56Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle4/2/2017View Race
5.09 mi1:25:4116:51Spartan Sprint Breckenridge8/27/2017View Race
5.20 mi2:17:4326:30Spartan Sprint8/16/2015View Race
5.68 mi1:02:43.8211:03Quarry Crusher Run6/23/2019View Race
6.20 mi58:38.229:28Fast Cat 10K3/31/2018View Race
6.27 mi1:01:29.729:49Toughest 10K10/18/2014View Race
6.32 mi56:18.728:55Fastcat 10K3/30/2013View Race
6.78 mi1:27:06.7812:51Bootleg Canyon3/30/2019View Race
7.01 mi1:18:09.7911:10Dam Ruck N Roll9/30/2017View Race
7.20 mi3:48:4431:47Super Spartan Chicago8/15/2015View Race
7.66 mi2:45:00.6021:33Super Spartan Chicago9/27/2014View Race
8.00 mi2:22:50.5517:52Spatran Super6/23/2018View Race
8.30 mi3:16:0023:37Super Spartan Chicago7/21/2013View Race
9.61 mi1:45:55.5611:02Rock N Roll Las Vegas2/27/2022View Race
10.00 mi1:43:00.1010:19CARA Lakefront 10 Miler4/13/2019View Race
10.03 mi1:33:40.319:21CARA Lakefront 10 Miler4/21/2018View Race
10.10 mi1:38:58.169:48CARA Lakefront 10 Miler4/19/2014View Race
11.70 mi2:30:08.7712:50Xterra Lake Las Vegas 21K4/14/2013View Race
11.98 mi2:33:20.1812:48Xterra Lake Las Vegas 21K4/12/2014View Race
12.68 mi2:37:01.9012:24Xterra Lake Las Vegas 21K4/26/2015View Race
13.05 mi2:09:52.849:58Southern Utah Half Marathon4/22/2017View Race
Half Marathon2:11:38.4310:02Rock N Roll Las Vegas11/11/2018View Race
13.19 mi2:10:15.809:53Rockford Half Marathon5/31/2015View Race
13.23 mi2:09:18.089:47Snow Canyon11/7/2015View Race
13.37 mi3:11:01.0714:18Moonlight Madness9/5/2020View Race
16.21 mi3:43:55.8613:49Dirty Hurty3/6/2021View Race
17.00 mi3:31:43.9712:28Nuclear Meltdown8/14/2021View Race
26.03 mi5:54:57.4713:39New York City Marathon11/6/2022View Race
Marathon4:47:21.5210:59Chicago Marathon10/8/2017View Race
26.61 mi5:27:04.2512:18Berlin Marathon9/26/2021View Race
27.02 mi5:00:19.4611:07Chicago Marathon10/13/2019View Race
27.33 mi5:06:29.1211:13New York City Marathon11/3/2019View Race