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10:40 AM

26.5 mi


10:15 mi


135 lb


44 F


8 / 10
10 / 10

Race Result

20667 / 24338 (84.9%)
681 / 871 (78.2%)
8449 / 10281 (82.2%)
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Boston Marathon

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Great day to run , sunny, 20 mph wind at our back. Difficult to hold my form on right side starting at about 12 m, but managed to hold on the whole race. Right hamstring/quad started to cramp at downhill after hearbreak around 22, stopped and stretched it and it greatly improved, also gu, succeed, gatorade, water on and off helped keep leg cramping at bay.. But I slowed way down in the later miles. Went into this with chest cold/cough/allergies. Managed to come out the other side in one piece, even if my time was not fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the run this time and interacting with the crowd more than usual. Had to stop and stretch calves a couple times, too in later miles, but it helped. I could get going again every time.