Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.02 mi6:37.256:30John Wall 1 mile SRHS Track7/19/2014View Race
2.95 mi26:01.378:50Heroes 5K9/11/2016View Race
3.02 mi25:54.888:35Sierra Club5K Quiet Waters Park4/24/2010View Race
3.06 mi23:33.207:42Valentine's 5K Kinder Farm Park2/14/2015View Race
3.10 mi22:16.657:12Valentine's Day 5K2/11/2006View Race
3.14 mi23:23.707:28Valentine's Day 5K2/14/2009View Race
4.61 mi39:09.288:30Downs Park 5m11/4/2017View Race
4.72 mi40:51.268:40Dog Days 8K8/4/2013View Race
4.82 mi40:30.078:25Dog Days 8K8/2/2015View Race
4.87 mi44:53.539:14Dog Days 8K8/7/2016View Race
4.94 mi40:16.308:10Springburst 8K PGRC4/9/2016View Race
8.00 km39:36.317:59Dog Days 8K8/3/2014View Race
5.01 mi38:247:40Celtic Solstice 5 Mile12/14/2013View Race
5.03 mi39:38.237:53Girl Scout Go Run for the Cookies 5m11/26/2016View Race
5.08 mi40:12.677:55Celtic Solstice 5 Mile12/19/2015View Race
5.15 mi45:37.228:52Celtic Solstice 5 Mile12/18/2010View Race
5.89 mi1:05:45.3911:10Fort Tuthill 10K Race5/21/2011View Race
6.22 mi47:47.457:42Dawson's Father's Day 10K6/15/2014View Race
6.27 mi51:00.788:09Dawson's Father's Day 10K6/21/2015View Race
6.29 mi50:12.277:59Rockville Maryland 10K11/1/2009View Race
9.12 mi1:13:558:07Anniversary Run 15K Quiet Waters Park12/8/2013View Race
15.00 km1:14:03.447:57Anniversary Run 15K Quiet Waters Park12/14/2014View Race
9.46 mi1:22:32.328:44Anniversary Run 15K Quiet Waters Park12/11/2016View Race
9.95 mi1:24:55.898:33Annapolis 10 Mile Race8/30/2009View Race
9.98 mi1:19:16.077:57Cherry Pit 10 mile4/5/2009View Race
10.04 mi1:19:29.177:56Cherry Pit 10 mile4/6/2014View Race
10.08 mi1:22:338:12Cherry Pit 10 mile4/7/2013View Race
10.12 mi1:27:33.138:40Cherry Pit 10 miler5/5/2019View Race
10.50 mi1:51:20.0710:37Rosaryville 1 loop CW + 1.5 mile race7/18/2010View Race
12.73 mi2:00:499:30Annapolis Half Marathon11/19/2011View Race
12.87 mi2:00:00.769:20Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon8/12/2017View Race
12.92 mi1:56:37.859:02Ben Moore Memorial Half Marathon8/1/2009View Race
13.06 mi2:08:14.759:50Brian Mickelson Half Marathon4/21/2012View Race
Half Marathon1:45:308:04Parks Half Marathon - MCRRC9/14/2014View Race
13.15 mi1:49:07.268:18Annapolis Half Marathon11/22/2014View Race
13.19 mi1:47:058:08B and A Trail Half Marathon3/20/2016View Race
13.25 mi1:49:34.098:17BA Trail Half Marathon3/1/2009View Race
13.29 mi1:49:49.738:16Annapolis Half Marathon11/23/2013View Race
13.35 mi1:54:148:34Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon9/16/2012View Race
13.48 mi2:52:43.9212:49EX-2 Off Road Half Marathon6/12/2011View Race
15.38 mi2:51:0311:08Rosaryville 25K Trail Race7/12/2009View Race
16.22 mi2:35:05.779:34Metric Marathon Annapolis Striders10/7/2012View Race
16.25 mi2:20:05.698:38Metric Marathon10/4/2009View Race
20.15 mi3:03:07.899:06Charm City 20 Mile Run9/6/2009View Race
Marathon3:51:508:51Boston Marathon4/17/2006View Race
26.31 mi3:51:288:48Run for the Red Poconos Marathon5/15/2016View Race
26.34 mi3:48:008:40Richmond Marathon11/14/2015View Race
26.37 mi3:38:178:17Wineglass Marathon10/5/2014View Race
26.42 mi3:48:438:40Boston Marathon4/15/2013View Race
26.46 mi3:46:448:35Boston Marathon4/20/2009View Race
26.52 mi3:49:36.808:40Wineglass Marathon10/6/2013View Race
26.57 mi4:28:1110:06Rock N Roll USA Marathon3/17/2012View Race
26.66 mi3:51:448:42Rock N Roll USA Marathon3/15/2014View Race
50.00 km5:42:1611:01Rosaryville Veterans Day 50K11/8/2014View Race