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10:11 AM

12.3 mi


12:56 mi


136.6 lb


75 F


7 / 10
10 / 10
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AZ Mtn Inn skunk Canyon Fisher Pt Loop Trail

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Great. AZ Mtn Inn along rocky trail of flagstaff loop, then through skunk canyon to Arizona trail to Fischer Pt overlook. Then .4 mile back down to intersection of trail that led to 9112C. Then a little on there to the flagstaff loop trail (left). Came out not far from the first gate along the trail I used to take from the road at the top of the mountain. This was a great route. More direct than the other one. 8m was a little before intersection with road at top of my mountain. 8.25 at intersection. Came back along the rocky mountain windy path. Very hot and sunny on the way back. I had gu at 4m, 8.01 m, and 10.25 I think. I put an extra bottle of cold water out around 2.75m on the way out and refilled from it and dumped on my head etc on the way back. The longest mile (timewise) was the very steep climb up to the overlook on the switchbacks. The route back was a lot more gradual.