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14 mi


5:10 mi

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1.5 miles through campus to protest after I got a flat

30 minute warmup at about 6 minute pace

25 minute tempo at 5:20 pace or so (a little slower on Modoc hill)

17 minute cooldown

Felt all fired up from the day. Protested against ICB's conference at UCSB for a few hours then spent a relaxing hour+ pulling weeds on the bluff listening to chants in the distance and the surrounding chirruping of blackbirds and starlings. Nice sunset. There's so much beautiful in the world and when people start to over reach I think we get lost and start to rationalize without having to be held accountable (progress being the worst defender of every technocrat, politician, etc.). The ICB can build biotech weapons for demolishing villages, cultures, and countries without feeling any compunction because it isn't real. They don't have to explain shit to bereaved mothers, brothers and friends. This was the best protest I've been to because it was looking at globalization (which is an intimidating monster) from a local, very managable angle. I felt like we together could make a difference. This was the only thing that I needed from today. Apart from Mike, it was super peaceful, positive, and proactive. Cops were a problem because (actually like many of the protestors) they just don't make their own decisions, which is perhaps why each group can effectively act cohesively. Some were sympathetic, well okay then step out of liine and don't be complicit in the wrongful arrest and detainment of two people.