Personal Records for Run

Your personal records, often referred to as "PRs", consist of your best time for races of a given distance. Below is the list of your PRs automatically generated from the race results you entered.

1.00 mi4:404:40BHS Invitational5/12/2018View Race
3.00 km8:534:46UVM time trial4/18/2017View Race
2.85 mi15:325:288/23/2015View Race
3.00 mi16:145:25Catamount8/22/2009View Race
5.00 km14:424:44Hollis Fast 5k6/11/2015View Race
3.80 mi21:305:40Random Route9/12/2008View Race
4.00 mi19:334:54UVM time trial4/14/2017View Race
8.00 km26:105:16Bridge of Flowers8/11/2018View Race
5.00 mi24:484:58Bobby Doyle8/9/2015View Race
10.00 km30:394:56Lone Gull 10k9/30/2018View Race
8.00 mi44:055:31Stowe 8-miler7/18/2010View Race
8.20 mi45:005:30Random Route9/12/2008View Race
8.60 mi47:145:30Random Route9/13/2008View Race
15.00 km48:555:15Nealon 15k3/30/2019View Race
10.00 mi53:015:19NH 10 Miler8/25/2018View Race
11.00 mi2:12:5412:057/30/2017View Race
20.00 km1:09:195:35Seasons 20k9/11/2016View Race
Half Marathon1:07:345:10New Bedford Half Marathon3/20/2016View Race
Marathon2:23:265:29Chicago Marathon10/12/2009View Race
35.00 mi6:22:0010:55Random Route11/24/2007View Race
50.00 mi5:28:486:354/18/2021View Race
100.00 km7:13:256:59Burly Burl8/13/2017View Race
66.00 mi9:23:148:33Random Route4/12/2008View Race
100.00 mi14:24:168:39Desert Solstice12/9/2017View Race