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5 km


4:52 mi

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Ugh. This race somehow gives me confidence about my OTQ attempt. I was tired today. I took yesterday off and had a 2 hour nap instead. Woke up felling not much more rested. I kept yawning before the race and my falling apart in the last act of the race was just from fatigue. CIM was totally different. I couldn't will my legs to go faster because my muscles were thrashed. But I was not tired. There was more left in my tank. Hopefully 8 more miles left.

The race was super lame. The top seeds took to the front and then slowed waaaaaay down. The race seemed to have a lot of really young looking mid-15 guys and so they were fine with our first lap close to 38 or 39. I was pretty frustrated and so took off. I had a really hard time tracking my splits for some reason and went way to fast. I was 2:19 at the half and 4:40 at the mile. My second mile was probably on pace, but the last 9 laps were just a slow deterioration. Eventually the 2nd place runner caught up, hung on my shoulder for 6 laps, passed me with 2 to go and won by 6 seconds. Somewhat demoralizing. I was frustrated at him for running a lame race, but I think I was just misdirecting my frustration at my own race onto him.