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12 mi

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6x1200 with 400m recovery. Felt great always through 800m, the last 2-400m were tough by #4. I really struggled with #6 and finished in 72s for the last 400m, but felt like it was an all out sprint. 3 mile cooldown and barely made it home I was so tired. In the end I was happy with my workout, especially after not getting a long run in Sunday because I was vomiting uncontrollably.

Found a short-tailed shrew on the way home, which was awesome. They're super poisonous. Lots of times when people think the cat dragged in a mouse, it's actually a shrew. And rather than being a "present" it's really just that the shrew was too vile to eat. They're appetites are voracious and they need to eat every 3 hours or they'll starve. Their venom will stun their prey, which they then store underground to eat later. Shrews, while only the size of a mouse have been recorded to eat baby rabbits.