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12.5 mi


Topo MT

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Supposed to be the same workout as last week's, which I bombed. Did a little better this week. Warm-up to Archie Post finish then right into 5-mile tempo @ 5:37, 5:33, 5:37, 5:41, 5:32 with 1 min fast every 7 minutes, 2 minute rest, then back the other way. I felt so much better on the 2nd off than I did last week, but I started too fast for sure: 5:09, 5:22, 5:37, 5:47, then a half mile @ 2:59 and stopped there. Even not finishing it, it was still a confidence booster as I wasn't feeling much better than last week and almost didn't want to do the workout. Excited about the results and looking forward to doing this one again and crushing it.