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23 mi


6:35 mi


This was a wonderful long run, and easily my longest in recent months. I set out perhaps a bit later than I wanted to, but it was worth it. I ate a scattered lunch (not all that much, but some good veggies at Food Not Bombs, which I helped out at for awhile in between writing papers), and got home around 5:45. I ate another PB&J before heading out the door a bit past 6. It was cool and calm out and I started at a pretty even clip. I was out in 1:16:00, back in 1:15:15, which couldn't have been better. The terrain was rolling and probably much tougher than I can expect at JFK so the pace was perfect. Plus I raced last yesteday, worked all day on the bike barn then biked out about 10 miles total to dumpster at Hannafords. I expect to be much more rested in 2.5 months time.