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5 mi


5:13 mi

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1 / 100 (1%)


Post 5 Mile on bike path. Started up on Dorset and ran down swift towards Shelburne Rd then up bike path finishing in front of Gutterson. I won easily and felt very comfortable the whole time - which was a relief because I got drunk last night and haven't been sleeping so well this week. Mile 4 was easily my worst (I think about 5:29), but it was also the hardest - almost all up hill. I think my splits were as follows:

1 - 4:59

2 - 10:06 (5:07)

3 - 15:12 (5:06)

4 - 20:39 (5:27)

5 - 26:02 (5:23)

The last two miles were a little bit tough because I've been struggling with hills on my easy runs as well so it was a bit of a mental push to make it through. But considering I only ran 15:57 or so last week on the track, I couldn't be too disappointed with today. Plus I met Meg, won $20 to Skirack and $25 to some physical training place. I'm opening the Bike Barn today!