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This was exactly what I needed! Huge gratitude to Sam, John, Ian, Randy, and my fam for support on this one.

My plan was to go out at my 100 mile pace and keep even for 40 then cut down my pace over the last 10. But that didn't happen. I went out around 98 and after that I tried to slow down, but running any slower than 98 per 400m felt like I was jolty and constantly just putting on the brakes. I decided to focus on staying smooth and even and just run what felt comfortable rather than worry about what I put down on paper.

Morning: Woke up at 4:30am, had 2 cups of coffee and a bowl of yogurt, granola, peanut butter and maple syrup. Headed up to the track around 5:15 and got set up. I initially meant to have some fuel right before starting, but I forgot. Started at 5:30am. I wanted to make sure that I ran a full 50, so I ran 500m (rather than 467m) before starting the 200 lap march to 50. Sam showed up pretty quickly and I passed off the master watch to him and kept on with my GPS watch. My plan was to get the 500m split and then just track 1600m splits after that. I started closer to my intended pace (~6:56/mile) but almost immediately dropped down and settled into 98s splits and it felt really easy. I think the coffee's diuretic properties were in full force as I had to pee pretty quickly (and I hadn't had any water beforehand).

I've used Honey Stinger before, but it's always so thick and hard to get down. I decided on nothing but local maple syrup for this one. I got a bunch of UnTapped waffles and syrup and wanted to take syrup unless I wanted something solid. But the syrup wound up going down super easy and I stuck with those. I probably took one every 3-4 miles or so, alternating between the salted and caffeinated varieties. I kept having to pee so I stopped taking water/electrolytes as frequently. I think I stopped maybe 6+ times total to pee and 2x to poop, which was maybe ~3-4 minutes of time total, which kind of stinks, but that's what happens. It was also cold to start (35, 42 by the finish) so I'm not that surprised I had to pee so much.

Otherwise, it was mostly uneventful. My pacing was pretty consistent and I wound up dropping my pace down once John left at mile 26. It was almost immediate that I started running in the 6:20s. I had to hold back, but it just felt so relaxed. The rain came and went, as did the robins, chickadees, and ring-billed gulls. Even had a territorial fish crow letting his presence be known. As the sun peaked out the track got quieter. Ian showed up and I ran a 1:47 lap, my slowest without a bathroom stop, but then I got back on pace. Having company was definitely nice and once he warmed up we were back to trotting 6:20-6:28s.

Once I was within 12 miles, it was just easy run territory and I knew I could hold on. I also knew it was going to just get harder and harder. Around mile 41, my lower legs really started to feel sore and it was a bit of a struggle to hold my form, but the pace still came easily. Getting mile splits made this so much easier. I just kept focusing on running 1 mile intervals rather than 50 miles. Mile 43 was when I actively had to focus on staying strong. My pace slowed slightly (6:28-32), but by 46 I could see the light and there was no doubt in my mind that I could maintain the pace through the pace through the end. This was also when Soph and Cedar showed up, which was a nice little boost. I kept up with the syrup and every time I did, I'd feel a spike in energy within a lap. It was awesome. I wound up taking one with about 3 miles left to get that last little boost and just rolled right on through, closing in around 6:04. I really really wanted to be under 6, but oh well. Those last 2 laps were pretty joyous.

Immediately after finishing, my legs locked up pretty tight, but the sun felt amazing and I got to relish the feeling of accomplishing what I wanted to. It was a huge win to feel relaxed and smooth and not blow up or even slow down at all. Perfectly executed, super fun, and exactly the confidence booster I need going into June.

Here's the GPS: