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24.5 mi


6:27 mi

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I was definitely cruising on this one. someone painted mile markers along Mountain and on the uphills I was still running about 6:40 pace. Faster on the downhill sections, much faster from my apt along cabrillo to toro canyon.

Ran part of the RUTE course: Toro -> San Ysidro = easy easy easy. rolling slightly uphill, no real tough sections, just a little windy, but hopefully no cars at 4am and I can run tangents.

San Ysidro -> Hot Springs = 1st climb along San Ysidro. After Hot Springs there's a nice downhill reprieve, then some more up hills winding past Cold Springs. Pretty mellow after this, slight ascent overall to Gibraltar. Gibraltar I expected to be around each turn, but it's further than I thought. Took about 72 minutes from Toro Canyon to get to the turn off. Finished with strides.