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1 mi


4:29 mi


Great day, splits were something like 2:13-2:16.

Focus for the race was to be comfortable the first 800, compete from 800-1200 and survive the last 400. I think I did exactly that. The pace was pretty good - opening 409 was 67 and it felt good. I wanted to hang on to Brendan which meant being a bit more aggressive than my initial plan intended but it was a good compromise. Coming around after lap six, I could see Brendan was struggling so I made the move to pass him but he had a good response and said not today! I knew I needed that move to initiate a kick and not succeeding in it definitely hindered what could have been a quicker close but i didn’t beat myself up. I knew if i held on and maintained composure it would be a big race. I was passed by one more person with 100 to go but my legs were cashed at that point. All I could do was maintain.

Initial planning for this race I thought I could run under 4:30 but with how the last couple weeks have been, I stopped thinking about what the time would be and just went to have fun. In spite of not being able to kick successfully, this is going to be one of the races I’m most proud of. Happy i chose this race and thankful that Brendan was there and I decided to latch on to him. Not sure how this impacts plans for Club Relays but I’ll figure it out.


Jeremy Van

big whey