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6:30 AM

13.1 mi


7:15 mi


155 lb


80 F


4 / 10
10 / 10
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I ran the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon today. As results are not posted yet, I will have to update my field placement at some point. Splits were 23:12 at 5k, 45:20 at 10k, 1:12:42 at 10 M and 1:34:46 at the finish. I did not actually race this. I just used it as a long run and ran with Jackie the entire race save the last half mile. I was kind of weary about how I was actually going to feel this race. I have gotten <15 hrs of sleep the last 3 nights combined (last night was a little over 5 after going out with Uncle John). I also was worried that it was going to be very hot (said it was supposed to be 94 by the time it was over). But, once the gun went off, it was like a switch flipped. I felt so good and so did Jackie. The first mile was slow obviously getting out. After that, we just put it onto cruise control ~7 minute pace for the next 10k. I thought there was going to be more music so I am a little disappointed with that, but the music that was there was fun. Jackie and I just sort of fooled around with everybody (at one point pretending we were fighting) throughout the race. Anyways, the first hour just floated by like nothing. After that, I could tell Jackie was starting to wear down a little bit. I kept with her though and just kept trying to provide some encouragement because I knew she was running way faster than her previous PR. Miles 10-12.5 we sort of just floundered for a little while. I left Jackie with half a mile to start kicking down, but I did not go all out, just took it down to around 6 min pace. My stomach was bothering me too the last few miles so I was worried that if I pushed too hard I might have an explosion in my pants. I thought the best part of the race was when we came through the tunnel with about two miles left and they were playing Avicii. Needless to say, I did the "Adam"- 1-2-3 and fist pumped. I just felt so good the whole time. Once I finished, I realized how stiff I was (in my back and legs and my achilles was sore), but it was just a great long run was what it was. My shoes held up too so yeeehaw.

Although I was not an official race participant, it was awesome being apart of something like this. I am very excited because I know that when I am out of college, this is what I will want to be doing, but until then I am going to keep training hard/smart for the upcoming season. As this did not require much effort, it shows I am in very good shape for right now.