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6:28 AM

5.1 mi


6:27 mi


177 bpm
195 bpm
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First leg on the last day (C-4). Raced against Kelsey and Brian Butcher. Pretty sure Kelsey beat me (edit: she did not although she did do the creek mile faster than me) and very sure that Butcher smoked me. That being said, I didn't see either of them during the actual running and the four people I did see, I all caught including the Yung Illini's, Anneliese.

In this leg, there was a creek crossing a third of the way through the first mile. Approaching it, I did not know what to expect, but it was a genuine creek. Had to stop, hop in (it was up past my waist), and hoist myself out on the other side. Still ran a 6:40 first mile despite that (I do wish I had scouted this better). Very happy with my close. Passed another guy in the last half mile and just tried to put distance on him. Most of this was on sand, but it was a harder packed so it was not as difficult as normal sand running. However, being wet from the beginning was a bit of an equalizer.

Happy with this leg.



Decent splits