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10:41 AM

2.7 mi


6:13 mi


172 bpm
200 bpm
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Really happy with this leg. Last leg of GLR for me- C-12. I had done this leg before, so it was familiar. It was a sandy route on a straight shot road with hills and cars. I got the handoff a couple minutes behind Rhodes from the Yung Illini and think I cut his lead on me down about two-thirds. He had a good kick, otherwise I may have pulled it off.

I made a plan not to look at my watch on this run no matter what so as to focus in on the effort and not worry about the time. I was working really hard that last mile to catch Rhodes. While it is not as apparent in the split, I still can't quite believe how far out I kicked from. It felt from at least 400 meters, maybe 600, but I just told myself that I could make it there. This was probably the most "in full stride" I've ever been on GLR. I'm really pumped about how I closed and if I look at the Max HR, somehow I exceeded 200, which is not supposed to happen anymore...

Pumped about this leg and took two minutes off from the previous time I had done it.