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4:08 mi

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Second leg of the Men's 4x8 A Team today. Estimate of my split because I heard between 2:02 and 2:04. Proud of this race (from an individual standpoint). Steve ran well on the first leg and gave it to me with probably a 10-15 foot cushion on the rest of the field. One of the guys chasing me was Peter Hogenson (4:20 miler and consistent cross-country NIRCA All-American). Him and another guy (I'm presuming Wisconsin) chased me the entire time, but never closed the gap. I have no clue what my splits were but I'm assuming they were pretty even since I did not take it out that hard. The only thing I could hear people saying was that they were gaining on me, so I just pressed the pace and felt good. I did a few look-backs just because and noticed that I still had the same buffer. I am a little disappointed that I had nobody to run with as I think I would have had a faster time, but I'm also proud of the fact that nobody gained on me, so I did my job. Unfortunately, we did not hold on to the lead because of two blistering kicks from Wisconsin, so we took second again, which upsets me.