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1 mi


4:39 mi

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Splits: 800 - 2.25.7, 2.13.7

400 - 73.7, 71.9, 68.2, 65.5

Last 200 - 32.3

Second race of the day was the second heat of the men's mile. Pretty wacky race. We had a big field (15-16 people). I knew from watching other people run that I just wanted to hang on the rail as long as possible and let other people do the work. However, I did not expect the pace to lag the way that it did. From what I heard, we went out in like 2:26-2:27 or something like that. There was a lot of people pushing and shoving for the first four laps and I let people pass me, but kept my eyes on the leader. Greg passed me around 400 and I just tried sticking with him. From 8-1200, people were dropping like flies and before I knew it, it was about 5 of us left in contention. A guy from Northwestern took off from about 1k and that kinda demoralized me a little bit. I started settling a little bit with where I was and just hung behind Greg. I hung tight though and I think the last 400 was pretty quick. We closed in like 2:12-2:13, which is really awesome (I was not able to process that fact for a little bit). I do feel like I settled a little bit that last 400 though and did not really lay the pedal to the floor. My pace definitely increased, but I never even attempted to come up on Greg even though he beat me by a second and a half. It takes me back to the mile I ran in high school where I was a little timid about passing Kyle Counter and he beat me. However, this is a PR effort with a great last 800, so I am in no way disappointed. I know that I had gas in the tank still and I think with a more honest pace throughout the race, I could have been close to 4:30.

Everything these two races tells me is that I am doing everything right. I am going to keep staying consistent with my mileage and keep running my workouts appropriately. I think Sub-2 and sub 4:10 in the 1500 are attainable.