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11:30 AM

17 mi


7:15 mi


168 lb


32 F


8 / 10
8 / 10


First complete long run outside in several weeks. Weather finally turned to low 30's. Winds were eastbound at 8-10 mph.

Very strong long run. Especially after running a simulated 10k race in sub-38-min yesterday.

Route: North up Heritage Grove to Champion - then back south to Normantown Rd - West on 119th all the way over to Stewart. Head southbound all the way to IL-126. Went north up Drauden this time - as opposed to going east all the way back to Van Dyke. Headed east on 143rd past work. Then took van dyke all the way home. Was just about 17.1 to the house.

Finished the final mile at 6:44 with ease. Was a little tired in the legs today, but overall very strong.

Need to ease of pace the rest of the taper to Austin.