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5:34 AM

12 mi


8:11 mi


147.5 lb
138 bpm
162 bpm
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LMLS, 12 miles on TM at work, SAM Hard

7.5 mph throughout (after warm-up), including 4X Hills, which were 0.5 miles each at 6% incline.

Stopped at 6 miles for quick break (and to preempt the TM's automatic 60 min shutoff).

SAM Hard was simply Jump Rope (100x), Squats (20 lb x 25), and Lunges (20 lb x 15), plus the rest of SAM Easy.

Felt good throughout. 7.5 mph felt easy. I have very minor cold symptoms that do not affect me while running in any way. After the 5-day break from running (due to cold), today was day 3 back at it, and I felt like things are back to the way they were before, i.e., not much fitness lost, if any. Maybe even good to have a BIG cut-back to "absorb" some of the prior weeks of training, etc.

Training Plan Entry

Aerobic Run

11.4 mi

11.4 mi (8.9 - 13.2), 1:37:00 (1:23:00 - 1:47:00), 8:30 /mi (9:14 - 8:04), HR: 129 - 148