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4:58 AM

9 mi


8:14 mi


147.5 lb
133 bpm
165 bpm


22 F
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Hamel Loop


LMLS, 9 mi easy (loops around park, plus 2 big loops around block, 3 mi/loop). No SAM

Still feels cold out, despite 22F. Icy spots due to refreeze overnight, very slippery in spots. Water bottle froze near end of run. Felt good overall, pace was pretty good, effort stayed easy throughout. I should be ready for a harder workout tomorrow, although I will probably run it indoors on TM at work.

Training Plan Entry


8 mi

15 min w/u, 15 min c/d. 3 or 4 Hill Circuits, each circuit comprising: 400m UP = 13% incline at 5.5 mph; JOG at 6 mph 2% incline for recovery (at top of hill), then Downhill 400m (0% incline) at 8 mph; JOG at 6 mph 2% incline for recovery (at bottom of hill), then 3x150m at 2% and 9.4 mph (~5K pace of 6:26); JOG at 6 mph 2% incline.