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5:51 AM

10.2 mi


7:48 mi


151.2 lb
135 bpm
162 bpm
48 bpm


52 F
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Very odd -- Garmin Connect uploaded data to RA, but only the total/average data, no splits. Not sure if it will upload later, or if it needs to be reloaded (manually, perhaps?). ETA: Simple "Refresh" page fixed it (mostly).

Fartlek Workout, Jay Johnson special: 4 x (3 min ON/ 2 min Steady), + 4 x (4 min ON/ 1 min Steady).

My "ON" portions were around 6:30-6:35 pace, my "Steady" portions were 8:30-ish in the first half, 9:30-10:00 in the second half. Not as steady as Jay would've wanted, but it was enough to get my HR up a bit higher than usual. 28 minutes total running at 6:30-ish pace.

ETA2: All splits and graphs seem to show up now after refreshing the page. Good, except that, after bragging about how wonderful my HR strap is yesterday, I am now getting some erroneous HR data. HR info was good through the 4x(3/2) set of the workout, but it started to get funky during the 4x(4/1) portion, with some lower than expected HR numbers showing up off and on. Maybe a low battery in the Polar transmitter? A new 2032 needed?